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And got up all the way to the top of the rock. And i'm like cool. I can see the same stuff. I'm just higher off the ground and it took us two hours to get here. And i'm sweaty not an enjoying it but there's a lot of colorado ones who really love that aspect of colorado being outside and next year you're going to have to pay a fee devil's backbone amid the county open space fee changes. That's right you're gonna have to pay a fee to be outdoors. Lerma county trail and open space users left. Pay slightly higher fees starting next year including a new fee for devil's backbone open space. That armor county board of commissioners unanimously approved the new fee and overall fee increases tuesday starting in january day use permits annual permits in camping fees in county manage areas will increase be increased by about ten percent larimer county department of natural resources director. Dalen said in a presentation to commissioners to use devil's backbone open space sound trail head in loveland. Which has been free. Users will either need an annual pass or pay a ten dollar alien like many other popular county open spaces and parks including horseshoe threads war and carter lake. Think it's really important for us to make sure that caesar equitable across the system. And i doubt having a fee at devil's backbone of very highly used open space was not a good policy to have any commissioner. Kristen stevens said we don't want certain parks to be subsidizing. Other more used parks. It just doesn't make sense. Dave permits at all other county. Natural areas will increase from nine dollars to ten dollars. An annual passes for vehicles will increase from ninety dollars to one hundred dollars fig said. The fee increases needed to keep up with the county's anticipated population growth and inflation. We're seeing a lot of that lately. So they're gonna is gonna change anybody's mind from not going one dollars for the day pass. It's still and look it's still cheaper than a lot of the A lot of other activities that you might want to go. Do i get that. But there's just something about it and maybe this is just me. There's something about it that doesn't think maybe we should be getting charged to go and enjoy the state that we're in and get the money goes to goes to good use and preserving the parks and things of that nature. It's just a weird very weird concept to me next story here for news for northern colorado. Coming out of the review tribune son arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing stepdad. And evans. morgan. Mackenzie a forty four year. Old man arrested for doing exactly that. It's stabbing his stepfather over an argument. About what you know when you see this what you get stabbed. Oh i got an argument. Oh my god we check politics. We're talking co vid restock in abortion. What were you talking about. No it was not as he was stabbed over an argument about sprinklers. On august sixteenth in evans over sprinklers. He now faces second degree assault and attempted murder charges. Just before ten thirty. Pm and evans. Police officer responded to report of a stabbing in thirty six hundred blocks of empire street. When he arrived on the scene he spoke with joy in nelson a witness and mother the forty four year old suspect clinton pill joy until the officer that our son was living with her and her husband mark nelson when peel. Return home that night. He began arguing with her husband in the kitchen about the sprinklers. According to sky must really care about is on. The mother said peel grabbed a steak knife and thrust downwards in the mark shoulder withdrew the knife in acted as if he was going to stab him again. The couple fled the scene. After the stabbing the mother appeal reported that she believed her son was starting to establish husband the neck but missed. She said he was trying to kill. Mark nelson the of the stabbing advise the officer. He was located in the kitchen when people showed up and started an argument about the sprinklers again. Sprinklers mark nelson claims that his stepson said he would rather kill him then listen to him and then proceeded to stab him with a steak knife work nelson said he believed peel was attempting to kill him. He was treated for his injuries and receive stitches for established owned at a hospital. The knife was found by police officers in the home where the bloodstain on the blade. The traveled three inches from the tip to the handle arrest. Records stated blood also found on the floor from the kitchen to the front door evans. Police officers conducted a search for peo- but they were unable to make contact on august. Twenty two days later police receive report that the suspect was under the back patio located in the backyard. His mother's house authors made contact and arrest appeal declined to answer questions during his interview. At the evans police department and was transported to the weld county detention center. Peel faces charges for the attempted second degree murder of mark nelson along with a second degree assault charge. He has disposition hearing coming up october twentieth. I mean you talking about one of the most bizarre stories out there normally when you think about a step data stepson altercation he'll take about forty four year old stepson. Don't you talk about that but nonetheless. That's what we saw. That's news for northern colorado. Got a couple more stories. We're going to get into just a little bit later. Our number two. I'm gonna give you my full thoughts on resurrection christian altering their course cooperating on covert outbreak protocols. 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It's routine maintenance it's just like servicing your car you gotta get it done and if you haven't had it looked at in a while you really really need to nine seven zero to one hundred twenty seven fifty three nine seven zero two hundred twenty seven fifty three that is air solutions angrily led me heard about him right here on. Kfi nineteenth time. Let's get a break. We'll come back on the other. Side gavin newsom. Still the governor california. We'll discuss it's.

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