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Worldwide sports byline usa. And here's host ron bucks and wherever you might be across this great country of ours and around the world. I'm ron bar good. Heavy along for the ride. For another edition of america's sports talk show. We do have our first numbers in on the fan. Poll question who you think is gonna win college. Football's national championship. No surprise here. Alabama getting fifty six percent of the fan vote forty four percent for ohio state. But as i said yesterday i think is going to be a great matchup. I mean if you take a look at the power of these. Two teams are offensive. Line's defensive lines. The speed that each team has going to make for very interesting national championship. Game coming up on the eleventh of january so again fifty. Six percent to forty four percent fans favor alabama over ohio state. Let me tell you about what's coming up on the next sports byline bobby valentine will be here ten years in the major leagues but also managed on several occasions in the majors as well. Very interesting guy. I've known bobby for a long time. So we'll talk to him. Luke walton will drop by now the head coach at sacramento. Get some nba. Talk in here as well and then as you know recently over the last two weeks we've lost an awful lot of athletes people in sports and we have a section that we do when we lose somebody called. We remember and on thursday edition of sports. Byline we will remember the late. Kevin greene what a linebacker hall of fame linebacker was a little bit on the undersized part but he had a heart and he really had a passion for the game as his former coach. Don capers said and so we will remember. Kevin greene also talk some football with former quarterback jay fiedler and then on friday. We'll have our nfl. Football preview with bruce marshall. And also roy eisenhart will drop by to take you inside. Angle is the name of that segment as we break down. Some of the things happening in sports as we always do on a tuesday. Brian billick is going to be here. We call that segment inside the game. You seem on the. Nfl network was the head coach of the baltimore ravens when they won super bowl thirty-five against the giants later on in this hour we will be talking with roger. Wurley football hall of fame. Cornerback with the saint. Louis cardinals and member of the nfl's nineteen seventies all decade team and also had a fourteen year career sandwiched. In between bob. Kendrick will be here the president of the negro leagues museum in the head. Negro leagues historian that museum in kansas city. So we're ready to go good to have you here on america's sports talk show rates have dropped to near all time lows ed clear path lending rates are as low as one point seven five percent on a thirty year fixed rate mortgage one point. 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This is america sports. Talk show sports byline. Usa here's ron. Brian billick joins us. And of course the regular season is in the history books for the nfl and the segment is called inside the game and nobody better to talk about inside professional football then the super bowl winning coach brian billick when he was with the baltimore ravens. And i have to ask you about the sunday night. Game axe game on the regular schedule between washington football club and also the philadelphia eagles. A lot of talk about what was done there by eagles. Coach doug peterson late in that ball. Game replacing jalen hurts for. Nate sud fell your thoughts on it from a coaching standpoint. I know there's been a lot of talk about it. Certainly were those. It felt like there was a competitive disadvantage. Those new york obviously aren't real thrilled about it in that they feel like it costs them a playoff spot but in the end the day when you look at the game. Yeah jalen hurts. Ran around some things with his legs but he was seven of twenty throwing. The ball wasn't converting with his arm on third down. I gotta believe the coach. Peterson just felt like he needed something. Different in a very closely fought game to go in and and try to get a spark or try to change what they were doing. Offensively it is interesting. It's gonna create obviously in the off season when you talk about this incident. How jalen hearst played the cap money that is owed carson wentz. I i just don't know how philadelphia is going to deal with the cap hit if they try to trade or cut carson wentz sizing up to be just a monumental headache for the philadelphia eagles in the off season going into next year. You know one of the things i think about is we always talk about losing the locker room and i've got to believe off of reactions that i've seen from eagles players that they were just so unhappy. There apparently was a couple of confrontations over with coaching staff. I mean i would think that he.

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