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They're going to understand from from a live person. What? Actually happened at least as to him. Well, the story tonight is that Russia is running US foreign policy and sake shifts policy. The question is whether that is of a criminal nature or just a really odd thing that keeps happening or national security. I mean, I think now we've introduced not just crime. So we've introduced a potential threat to our national security from the FBI, I think that's a whole nother kettle of fish both of which man worked on Ken Starr investigation, both of which I think could give rise arguably to impeachment process and on your point with respect to witness tampering. Both with re in Watergate, and in whitewater witness tampering was one of the articles of impeachment is one of the distinguishing factors in my discussions with former Republicans and involved in the whitewater probe that distinguishes this probe from that. So I think that's gonna be quite interesting. A why this is going to be very verse or of minimizing Watergate, which I'm the last person to do. I think this is much more serious intentionally damaging to the country more serious why? Well, because not only does it Volve criminal conduct. But it expands the criminal conduct who our allies to our economy. These were not really concerns of anybody back in nineteen seventy three seventy four the economy of foreign relations. But they are now it's quite possible. We don't know that some of the stuff that Trump is doing with Syria is designed to improve his relations with his base with Russia and other things heroin on the other hand didn't history. Ultimately proved that Watergate was just a third rate burglary. No, no, no, no. I know. I'm kidding. Okay. I'm sorry. I sorry under David Okazaki. Thanks to both of your expertise. What you said there is pretty arresting. I hope we both come back on the beat. Meanwhile, top democrat says very likely they are a no on bar unless he were to release the over fort, which he will do Lawrence drive from Harvard joins me live next and strong words from Senator Tim Kaine on Mitch McConnell our discussion next..

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