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Our stores or factory locations to see the original mattress factory difference for yourself from the cremation society of Minnesota weather center today cloudy high of thirty five in Minneapolis St Paul the will be north at about ten to twenty tonight mostly cloudy to twenty tomorrow mostly cloudy twenty five by Thursday partly cloudy with a high near twenty one I'm meteorologist Shawn cable on Twin Cities news talk eight AM eleven thirty currently it's twenty eight this report is sponsored by Bob Evans dinner sides making meal time easy and delicious with Bob Evans side dishes like mashed potatoes and mac and cheese they're made with real milk butter cheese and potato and already in the microwave in six minutes try Bob insights from the grocery store it'll be love at first bite you're listening to a Twin Cities news talk A. M. eleven thirty and I heart radio station do Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka joining us coming up in the in the next segment seven thirty five or so Pete hegseth a fox news one hour from then at eight thirty five still lots to get to once they show the story here from the Star Tribune talking about to the efforts to make the streets safer in a revolve around Lyndale Avenue as a matter of fact they think this is dove tailing off an article that we had a couple of weeks back that actually highlighted across the country the most dangerous intersections and this particular one of the stretch of Lyndale Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Lake Street was one of the ones that was on this list of national locations where it's apparently very dangerous when when when you when I saw this headline I'm curious if you had the same reaction when I saw the headline I was like oh it's about crime.

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