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And getting around Seattle is increasingly difficult. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. New Bill introduced in Olympia centers on tolling Seattle streets. Something Seattle mayor Jenny durken is studying state, Senator Tim Sheldon from Mason county has introduced a Bill that would prevent cities and counties from adding new what's called congestion pricing. What'll happen is only the rich people will be able to drive does that make sense for a city like Seattle that has. Houses egalitarian principles. So Senator Sheldon wants the legislature to control all tolls. Calling Seattle study an elitist threat to the entire state for those reasons that we go to Seattle, I think this Bill was makes common sense. This Bill was referred to the state transportation committee. Senator Sheldon's staff told me they expect to face a lot of opposition. That's komo's Gabe Cohen with the story. It was the first public safety. Bill heard on the first day of the new state legislature? The latest version of nine forty that's the police use of force initiative house Bill ten sixty four removes de escalation and mental health training as a requirement for officer certification still requires the training should be completed though. So she make of it is with Washington community action network. We believe that the community has an important role public safety initiative nine forty places a big emphasis on the voices of impacted people in developing policy, several law enforcement officials also spoke in support of house Bill ten sixty four the Bill. Includes changes regarding use of deadly force standards and police rendering first aid the house public safety committee is expected to vote on it today. Also in Olympia, the idea of year round daylight savings time is getting some attention actually up and down the west coast as well, California and Oregon both expressed interest and state Senator Jim Huntingford says it has a good chance of passing here. So he's introduced a Bill that would keep the sun shining longer each day of the year face Senator Kevin vani wag of squirm in Washington. Sunbelt says he signed on to co sponsor the Bill because he'd like to see the sunshine later year round. I think I'm interested in seeing you the whole Pacific time zone can change at once and make fluid, but definitely open changes are a lot of people would be willing at the sunny state capital. Keith Eldridge, KOMO news, surviving members of legendary rock band. The who will indeed return to Seattle.

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