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Excited to see how it turns out plus not to mention place holds a lot a lot of fans so that woah the los angeles nascar fans will turn out. Well there you have it folks. The los angeles coliseum and nascar are now part of the same phrase. It's mind blowing. We've got the entire offseason to talk about it. It's gonna be awesome and thank you so much for watching Here on youtube dot com slash the final app. Don't forget to hit like subscribe and ring the bell and all that stuff and if you wanna see more or i guess here more head back over to the podcast we are gonna continue on and get you all set up for bristol motor speedway. Thanks for watching. Thanks guys boom all right now. You guys get the good stuff. Bristol motor speedway. i'll wait. We didn't do any of the headlines sheldon go yeah sheldon creed will be moving. The richard childress racing team in the xfinity series next year from gm racing. That's big news for him full time. Yeah fulltime two thousand twenty tricks. Here's champion currently the number one in the truck series playoffs by way of winning the first two playoff races to start things in the playoffs there in the truck series so the future is looking bright for sheldon creed very cool and friend of the show. Justin all just announced this will be his forty seventh year with junior motorsports close seventh so oh The driver of the seven car will be making his seventh season and it seems like words. I seven car and brandt Agricultural we're back for another season twenty races the primary and associate for the rest of the season after that so big news for just dog. Are you love to see it There's just some people in the sport that are good people and whether you have a biased rooting interest or not. You want those good people to have success and it's good to see thing good things happen to just log air. Maybe we should have him on the show who you think we can make that happen. I he's said yes before a few.

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