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There at the USL said they they talked about how centralized location he didn't say that a source told the athletic said that but difficult to find places that could house thirty five teams or whatever it is the cost of having your team stay for a long period of time in one centralized location all that kind of stuff that is going into the NHL and MLS in NBA returns to play it's much more difficult for the U. S. championship to pull that off and then you also have just the idea of USL championship being ingrained in the community in which they have teams in the U. S. championship really once to be a sport that people return to when we can get out in larger groups they want to provide their communities that that opportunity as well which I think is great as long as they're following health guidelines and not just going rogue in deciding whatever they want to do which in talking with people here locally that's exactly what the switchbacks are doing I can't speak for everyone but the official position of the USL championship is that public health guidelines will be followed which could lead to you know teams in in Florida or in the southeast Texas maybe they can have more fans then the switchbacks can't and we don't know what all of those guidelines are going to look like but it's not going to be it's not gonna be cookie cutter right what's going to work in what's going to be allowed in Jacksonville is not going to necessarily be allowed in Colorado springs but the plan is at some point they hope sooner rather than later July eleventh and beyond that there will be some number fans in the stands at winder field in in USL championship parks all across the country but the question that we have been asking at various times throughout all of this there's the question of will fans be allowed but then there's the other question of what will fans want to go and every year the athletic in this is Jeff reader horrific US soccer writer for the athletic puts out a supporters survey every year task about a variety of subjects like my favorite promotion relegation you know how do you feel about the direction of the league do you do you go to your game your team's games do you watch them on TV all these kind of stuff just to kind of gauge how fans are are consuming and how if there the audience is growing if the tendencies are all that kind of stuff but then there is a nother set of questions here that is being asked among them would you watch closed door matches seventy three and a half percent of people polled said that not only would they support closed door matches they wouldn't make a point to watch them you know you get some people that only want to go and watch a certain sport live in person and a lot of USL championship supporters say the overwhelming majority say if I can't go all still watch him and I would love for the USL championship even if they're not played now the timing of this is a little rough obviously because the USL championship has announced that they will play games the fan part of it has yet to be determined but they're gonna play matches they're gonna be on ESPN plus now not all seventy three and a half percent of people that were polled on this have to watch yours truly call matches so would that number be a little bit lower in Colorado springs given that you have to deal with me and Roland Varga issue is lovely but seventy three and a half percent of those polled say we definitely wants closed door manages eighty four and a half percent said that they were worried about the impacts of cove in nineteen as an existential threat to some USL clubs now with the investment that is it been made in the downtown stadium I was never really overly worried when it came to the long term future the switchbacks because I know the investment that they're making downtown any even given the difficulties of the pandemic I was confident that they were going to be playing soccer in twenty twenty one but not every market in the U. S. cell has a brand new downtown stadium that they're building or is in the type of finance this shape that maybe the switchbacks and some other teams aren't so now here's the here's the big question I'll give you the book this poll results from the athletic but I want to ask you if gains where to have fans in twenty twenty would you feel comfortable attending forty three point eight percent said yes but I'd still be conscious concerned about safety so perhaps going for a more socially distance crowd at stadiums would ease some of those concerns but nearly forty four percent of those polled said yeah but I still have some reservations about going out into a crowd of some significant size thirty five and a half percent said yes assuming government health organizations approval now that is not an issue as I stated earlier in the switchbacks have said this in their statement that they are not going rogue they're gonna take their directive from public health officials but for some people that's not enough right you still have your own personal feelings about things even if health officials tell you it's okay or government officials tell you it's okay.

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