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Honest hard-working people will always get out of respect. No dishonest people whatsoever. I don't say live cheaters. Dishonest people cutbacks. Not hardworking people. I don't know so like every day that child like y'all value all the things that has come back and live is what i'm seeing when you just totally go gets a guy like tvos human being like it breaks you. Bs don't deserve second opportunities. then nobody does. That's the point here. If the greatest ulaby is on our daughters are second third chances. Nobody does because you don't deserve to get the job if you're a liar cheater dishonest. Nobody's alice's us and facebook. I'm going to post that. No dishonest person deserves a job in this world. Because you can't be trusted people disaster still from you that they got tune it out and paul fagan show people pat publishable higher cast Update this episode. Let's say twenty four episode twenty four twenty five thousand got shape but the movement don't forget version on spotify apple teaser. Amazon slacker radio iheartradio. It does is the platforms you can google podcasts and leaks Pop up was again. Thank you for tuning it and about..

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