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Law was without good chris fake news alternative facts we will rich name the lot of a lot of people there if you had to go back in time to light fifteeneuro rates what's the craziest name you would tell of yogurt on we're gonna be friends with this dude one day you know what her for the big influence on me man well for the big inflows from me because i never really wanted to be the actual i always like to be the executive death and i think puff was was was was seeing is a lot of things he did you know like even when he did the the marketing campaign for big he and craig mack he met everybody has after the club and and gave all big macs nobody within the is it is a big deal had that that that's incredible you know i've had a pleasure of building a great relationship with with these doubt who will throw influential in the music business you know guys like um you know producer for now and and and working with track math is these guys who had every hit on the on the radio and um i was just was the a couple of weeks ago and i didn't notice and he was like yeah you know he's he did the the theme song for martin like what use you know you forget about these things i never knew that but just in though when i was when i was young i was just a sponge man i was i was reading the roure report at like 12 in my friends and and you know learn about diamonds to cut clarity and cleared i never heard about the rob report delay twenty two.

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