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It's always it's always a bit of a challenge. I notice that what I did. See the film. Tears, a hand held kind of technique, and almost to make it look like you're almost into room with the characters and it's. As close to being real as possibly can, and that's something I. Think you pioneered with the? With the Blair witch project so talking about that aspect of it or of kind of keeping your camera kind of free in that sense. I really liked that style of shooting. From a filmmaking standpoint, it just gives you a lot of onsite freedom. You know you can. You can go into the situation with the much smaller production footprint. Allow, the actors more freedom of blocking. And provided the story. Lends itself to that style It can be a very rewarding. Experience for all involved. You just don't have as many encumbrances with that Kinda shooting, and it allows for a lot more spontaneity and sort of Magic to happen between the lines of the script that that is always. A wonderful thing when that happens so this? Particular Story. Chronicling, Carl's journey I've felt lent itself to this sort of kind of mockumentary approach, and you know I was I'd said before. It's very conscious of the fact that a lot of people might compare the style to Blair, witch and Baggage it's brought into this, but it's not a found footage movie. It's really. The first time that I that I myself am a character in the film I'm basically I'm the filmmaker documenting Carl's stories? So you even hear my voice occasionally off camera? But. It's sort of took this hybrid kind of Earl Morris approach to telling this Guy Story, which. Gave me the best of both worlds I could have Carl's perspective being recorded. You know when need be, but I could also see Carl story through the prism of my own filmmaking Lens, which has its own subjectivity involved so? Wasn't sure if that approach was gonNA work..

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