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Eight ten one eight eight four one five eight eight let us have a meeting with you. And the as as j indicated, let's see if it pencils out. If it makes sense. Hey, then you can make dollars. That's the best thing of all. So anyway, just before we exit stage left. What did you want to also want to discuss about eight years? Now, this is like statewide you Barry white. It's all over the state dwelling unit is a state, okay? The state law. Okay. Back complies in all jurisdictions around California. Okay. Why not? Party predict what legislative bodies are gonna do in the future. But this this law may or may not be around in the future, you can fill now to three hundred dollars a square foot, and you know, your property values about dollars per square foot. You know, it'd be who've property owners or investors, and you don't happen. You have to be your primary residence either to you know, to add add that square footage to your Bill building your property interests increases, the overall value. Yeah. There's financing options for it. But in supply constrained markets in LA, San Francisco and San Diego, another high-demand areas, you know, the economics absolutely pencil to you know. To build that out to for profit and for housing, you're you're doing two things at once and they're both positive because people don't want to move. It's nice to get additional income out of your house since you've had it for twenty thirty years. And it's like, okay. So I can't move to where I wanna go. Because if I sell San Francisco, you can never be back.

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