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I'm pulling my weapon at this point. All right. So now you already ate your eight eight point. STAN Winston, you get four down to score four to midfield to midfield. You get four more downs. That's and your sidelines getting cranky. They didn't appreciate getting burned on that little bit. And then we go down and we, we score really quickly. We like we answer back in eighty six one. We didn't get a two point conversion. Eight to six. All right, we hold them again. There's five seconds left and half before the half, right? They run a play. It's fourth-down turnover and we get the ball back. We call timeout with one second left. All right. They other team starts walking field thinking there was no time. Oh, that was their mistake and they walk off the field and we like, no, we call the time out and they're like, no, you didn't. And we like we did and then the referees, okay, we'll give the time out. So you have one, we get the ball back on the field with one second left. You basically one play before halftime, right? They're all mad because they have to come back out on the field. We throw this crazy play. The kids run all of field. He scores, I got eighty five yard, touch, scrambled egg, rambled, eggs, all over field. Eight and we go up right before halftime. Fourteen to eight. And their love this movie. And they're pissed because the rest let us have that extra play. They didn't hear its call time out or whatever. So it's getting really heated. So we have half time. We go back started third quarter. They get the ball first. They're moving down the field. We get a pick six, no way right out of the gate on second down. So we're up now twenty one to eight. It's good for the good guys looking pretty good right now. We're like, okay, we're going good. So they get the ball back now. They're on their now. Now we're on defense. They're driving down. Our kid goes to pull of flag and the other kid comes up behind him and sort of push them shut down the ground a little bit and twist. The kid gets his angle twisted. Oh no, he's on the ground. At this point. The guy's dad who got hurt, he's longshoremen boy. He looks like a longshoreman. Somebody would not wanna mess with. He's juggernaut without the metal helmet. That's how big this guy is. He's huge. He's on our tape. He starts go out looking at son. He's like that kid push my kid that could push my kid though the coach that yelled out the classless thing. Right, right, right. You weeks ago, he's like, why don't you shut up and get back on the sideline them appoint juggernaut starts running towards towards guy and everyone's like everyone wanted to get front of them. But same time like you don't wanna step in front of a Mack truck motherfucker. You kind of want to act like you're gonna step in front of the Mack truck. And so he got up to the guy and he just shoved him just gave them my word and the guy goes flying back at that point. All hell breaks loose like we're run out to get our guys. We finally get everybody off the field. They had to Jek that father father's on our longshoremen's juggernauts out of there. So juggernauts back in the parking lot. And then the that coach from the other team comes over, starts pointing to other people on our sidelines who were talking trash during the game. He was talking trash boys, these rat. Now, people big pussy and that guy he was trying to restrain himself and all of a sudden his wife goes flying by him jogging. That's why though this was another guy you this. Another guy's wife and she was more like she's smaller than jug or not. But Twi four times minutes juggernaut she was going like it was going to be Jerry Springer. It was really. And so they finally got that restrained every got to the sidelines. The point of the game is this. This is like five minutes, third quarter games. Plenty game left that coach and the other teams like we're done. We're outta here makes his whole. He walked the game. We win by forefeit. Wow. What a pussy, what he wouldn't have done it had they've been winning..

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