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He got it in and he got the steroids in now. After that i was able to get the sort of feeding tube out of my arm and because they just leave it in and i'm not a big fan annuals like when they take my blood. I don't watch. I'm not into this people like you are scared of needles. I'm like well actually sensible to be scared of needles. I'm not actually scared of needles. I just don't enjoy the process. I'd certainly don't want to see it happen. I was just looking away breathing through because he got it. By that night i was able to walk around relatively normal and this was one of the first times in a couple weeks i was able to straighten my legs which was a very weird feeling to suddenly have and because the thing. The tube was out on my arm the next day you know. It's basically healed after a day or two. I was able to sleep on my left side. I laid down. And i rolled over on my left side for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks and i think i fell asleep instantly. Because that's normally how i fall asleep. I think i fall asleep on my left side. And then i might rule on my back. Maybe my right side. But i'll basically just go back and forth but almost always fall asleep on my left side now. We're getting to the point where i'm itching to get out of the hospital. I'm sort of course. look. I'm not getting better in here anymore. One can i get one of. The benefits of dr nike is that he never gave me optimistic numbers. So i said like you know. Am i going to get better. He's like yes. I think it's going to take six months to be walking normally again without medication. I was like damn because in my head again. I'd done recovery for so many injuries. In the past it was a non question to me that if you say six months i think to if you say two weeks i think one i'll i'll be done in a couple of days because i did the right stuff. I ate the food you're supposed to eat. I did the exercise. You're supposed to do. I did all the things that people don't do and then they wonder why they don't get better. I understood that if you do the things even if it hurts even if it sucks you'll get better so i decided on my own. I was going to start walking in on. My phone has a pedometer thing. So counts your steps so i was like you know what i'm gonna do. Two thousand five hundred steps in the morning. That's basically from my house to the station. And if i can do that twice..

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