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Keep that's john strong fox on the call france went on to score twice more in the second half before holding on for a four two victory nineteen year old kilian mbappe becomes the first teenager to score in the final since palay in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight so it's the second world cup title for france and for novak djokovic he now has four wimbledon titles novak completed his comeback the feeding kevin anderson in the final six two six two seven six both players were coming off intense fiveset semifinal matches novak had more on the tank though is he wins his thirteenth career for an slam title i grandson final after a couple of years and there's no better place in the world to to really make an comeback this is a a sacred sacred place for world of tennis and i always dreamed of holding the trophy as a young boy starting to play tennis so this is very very special and the first half of the baseball season finishing up today before the allstar break several games underway ronald guzman i in grand slam the rangers lead the orioles four one top of the second the red sox to nothing lead on the blue jays top seconds zander bogart's hit that walk off grand slam last night and in his first at bat he went deep once again top of the second the yankees and indians are scoreless antop to marlins and phillies also scoreless in about a half hour the cardinals welcomed the reds saint louis will have a new man making the decisions in the dugout after manager mike matheny was fired yesterday in a row manager mike schill takes over today and finally golf third round at the john deere classic michael kim in front at twenty two under par darwin's look this is jim rome five thousand dollars that.

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