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So he's got one hundred and thirteen career home runs we mentioned he wasn't a power hitting you know almost three thousand hits one hundred thirteen home runs so not much of rbi guys really played a lot of leadoff so got seven hundred forty seven hundred forty seven sorry rbi's but five hundred stolen bases jeremiah mentioned a three fourteen average zombies percentage was three fifty seven so just a great peter gray hit all around and if he does if he does get twenty one or more it would become to thirty player to reach three thousand mark absolutely it's not many people that have done it if when you think about the history of baseball the long history yes so each row i first ten seasons at least two hundred hits in every season credible and then dropping off here until eleven we had one hundred eighty four hit so you only almost with the when his career at the yankees it wasn't as you know he kind of dropped off a little bit yeah you hit over three hundred i first ten seasons well just a great hitter i mean and fun factor each road debuted april second dozen i which is my birthday oh so born it was april second each he's legendary hitter chosen one eight eight oh literally turning eight when each row debuted i was nine here's old joe yeah almost there you know we're we're pretty similar so each row here you got to think it's probably winding down here he's going to he's a legend of the game do you think somebody's last season or do you think it is but we don't know you think he was playing sort of get to this mile and then yeah he gives me he's going to get in sort of call it a day if he i think he happens to get twenty one more his before the season ended i actually wouldn't be surprised if this ad to walk away from the game because the marlins are not really they're not in contention.

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