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Rockets and warriors will take centre court at the oas rocket oracle arena tonight for game three of the western conference finals that series all tied up at one one a little bit different in the eastern conference where through three games that's the celtics up on the cavs two games to one after cleveland made the most of its homecourt advantage last night with a one sixteen eighty six drubbing the cavs will have a chance to tie the series and game for tomorrow night the one o'clock games are getting late on this always busy sunday scoreboard around the majors the red sox are still working on a five nothing shutout against the orioles and the top of the eighth at fenway the as have been relentless against the blue jays and toronto they keep pressing on with a nine nothing lead in the top of the ninth inning four errors for the blue jays that come back down to earth and would fall the twenty two and twenty five with a loss one final that's in queens where meadows areas second solo homer for the mets backed up as drubel cabrera's pinscher to run shot in the seventh as the mets broke a one one tie against the diamondbacks to sweep the series with a four to one win three homers for the cubs kyle schwab rajavi urbaez and ben zobrist plus seven strikeouts over six innings for you darvish put in the line for his first win as a member of the cubs the reds down to their last three outs there in the bottom of the night now the dodgers maintaining their three to two lead over the nationals in dc as they go for the weekend sweep that game is in the top of the eighth inning marlins keeping the braves at bay with an eight to four lead in the bottom of the seven down in atlanta miguel row said lewis brinson have combined on seven rb is for the fish poudrier and pirates still touted for in the bottom of the.

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