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The conversation about what it means to be a mother and a woman in this day and age. I'm amy taylor. Kobe's or thought mama and former journalist after spending fifteen years chasing news and burning myself out trying to be superwoman. I realized that i was chasing a dream that no longer served me. And since then have dedicated myself to understand in the transition that we go through as women when our whole identity shifts with motherhood every week. I will bring you the very best insights and inspiration. I can find to help us all changed the way we feel about this time in our lives and create a movement that allows us to honor motherhood differently. Dr jody richardson. Thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. Thank you for having the i mean. It's such a pleasure to get to you today. I've been supporting and listening to mama's for more than a decade and so often we very focused on our children's big emotions the anxiety of school drop off or starting in you daycare or sleeping in their room. We're very focused on trying to support our children through these stages but scratch the surface and the mom is incredibly anxious and worried too. it is almost Turning the lens back onto ourselves about these feelings is something we forget to do. Because we're so busy trying to support children. So i know that you do both in your amazing work. You both talk about supporting an anxious child. But i would really love our conversation to shift that lens and i guess microscope in a way back to her back to the mama and really hear about how we can better understand allah anxiety out anxious feelings l. worries and what we can do about it. I think let's let's honor the mother for the next half an hour for a change. What he for it. So let's first start. You have personal experience. Of course we always do the work that we most need ask elves. So how did you become so passionate about supporting people through anxiety. Yes i love what you just said. We work worrying is Is the the why offered before. And i think it's really true. And and and i am on extremely passionate about shining a lot on anxiety really helping people to learn how to manage it and how to get it out of the way so that you can. You can actually leave a really amazing. Why we things audie. And i like to say that. I thrive with anxiety now without getting away. what what really helped may become passionate. I think was recognizing that they took twenty to be diagnosed and that was on my face Decent things audio experts and all four as a pre starting school and it wasn't until i was monday twenties when i was working as a secondary tate. Job that i stopped Major depression and ultimately help for that because seeings audie audie experienced up. Until then i didn't even know it was anything but just my normal personality and just lilac work to me and what i learned in many utah was it. A lot of people in the signed barge didn't know much about anxiety mental health literacy and certainly come a long way. Thanks to the way could be on blue and other credible organizations like the blackstone institute in the lot thought. This is still a long way to guard. And i think that when it comes to anxiety they they're berries they can help and also certain of really won't get there is he's a manageable condition. There are lots of things we can do to help ourselves. And how keeps and I'm just really dedicated to to sharing all of that and more so that people can live with their anxiety can down. Get it out of the white and Notwithstanding away really crowding the loss that people won't have for themselves. I really liked the way that you said. You just thought it was your normal personality that really resonates. Because i know as a mother you you see. I have three children and you know the difference in the personalities. Some seem to have been born anxious. They do seem to have a more anxious personality and so especially back in the day where we really didn't understand this. We did just write it off as that's just the way they are didn't we. Yeah we did your worry wart know that that was the classic it the wiry because it's such a classic on things is you worry But all the physical cool why recently pot of it you know obviously it comes to really pineville thoughts and feelings but also the physical side to anxiety and you know that that that the the feeling that the trembling the rising hot right now being able to get enough breath to seeking stomach the simony of physical symptoms and and it's just the norm. I guess it's like the harvey grow up in the weiwei rise. Some two weeks go to other people's houses and we realize oh actually people think differently in different harms. So yeah it's just that that was my pinelli. An always diagnosed with asthma in my chains because uptight holiday nipples very stressful female beasley provoked a lot of dashi but nobody knew Sorry yeah it. Was you know becoming depressed with horrendous. It's hard to find the words to describe that experience but looking back now. I'm thankful because that gave me the opportunity to find a psychologist. The that was you know would have a profound impact on my mental health. And being and i'm really helped me learn about what was actually going on a and has led me to where i am now. certainly wouldn't want to go through the suffering of being through a game but i've learned so much and And his really good. Now.

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