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Welcome to the Marie Forleo podcast. The audio version of my ward winning show Murray TV now short. Visit Marie Forleo dot com slash Marie TV where you'll find hundreds of other episodes. Thanks for listening. Hey, it's Marie four. Leo. And you are watching TV the place to beat a crate a business and a life that you love and today's awesome because it's one of our favorite segments called. In this segment. We highlight a business that just gets it from their messaging to their website all the way through to their product. They're just awesome. And today, I want to focus on a brand that I recently discovered called artifact uprising. So what they do is they create high quality physical prints from your digital photos and even from Instagram now while you're going to discover they're doing tons of things, right? I wanna focus on three smart strategies that you can use in your business starting today. Smart strategy number one is you've got to drive desire and the best way to drive desire is to know what you're really selling and focus on that. And these people do it. Well, so they're not just selling easy prints of your digital photos with the really selling is a feeling of connection to ourselves to our memories and to our milestones. And in this digital age. That's something. That's missing check it out every. Everywhere you look on their site. There's a feeling of touch ability of beautiful meaningful objects that ground us in the real world. And check out this smarty pants line off your device and into your life. It's got a great double. Meaning we're getting your photos off your device into your life. And we're getting you off your device and into your life. So they do a great job of making us realize that our lives are not on our phones there about real people and high quality things that we can share with real people that we actually love. So what they're really selling is connection. And now I want you to ask yourself. What are you really selling? If you like this topic. And you want to go deeper we did a whole video about it. And I'll put the link below smart strategy number two. Is you want to work your y? So as our friend Simon cynic says people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it and artifact uprising a brilliant job of letting us know why they do what they do. They are super clear. In their purpose. And they let you know all over the place have a look under the purpose within every product section. You can see that. They love the outdoors and strive to use recycled and reclaim materials wherever possible they use mountain beetle pinewood, which is otherwise considered waste material. And as US based company, they make their products in the USA, and it gets even better as they say our calendars and woodblock prints provide jobs for dull with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So as you can see they talk about the why behind what they do on every part of their site. It's honest, it's heart based, and of course, it inspire sales. So now you've got to ask yourself. Are you clear on the why behind what you do? Are you clear about what you stand for? And most importantly, are you doing a good job letting us all know about it smart strategy number three is you wanna highlight your humanity? So in a world where everyone's trying to pretend to be bigger than who. Who they are often say we when it just one person behind a laptop artifact uprising is amazing because they're small and they're proud of it take a look here. They say we've grown from three people working in a basement to a team of twelve yet. The roots remain the same. We pride ourselves on being a small company, and we think that matters because at the end of the day, we take it personally all of it. We take it personally that is such a beautiful and vulnerable reminder that there's a real person and real people at this company who actually care if you buy their products, and this is another example. So I recently ordered some prints from them. And when I got my package in the mail. I opened it up and the first thing I saw was this beautiful card, and then I flipped it over. And this message really touched me, we stand behind the products, we create if you're not happy with the quality of your order, or you believe your product has a manufacturing defect or shipping damage, please contact us. So we can make it right? Right. Those last nine wars they are everything please contact us. So we can make it right? You know in today's world people are so quick to take their upsets and their complaints. And they're grapes straight to social media. And I love that artifact uprising saying, hey, look, everything doesn't go perfect all the time. So if there's a problem come to us, so we can fix it. They take so much pride in what they do. And again, they're leading with their humanity. And even the fact that this is on like beautiful heavy card stock. This is something so different than you would get from a huge big box company. So I want you to ask yourself take a look at your sales process. Are there any places that you can add more humanity back into your business? Now, there's lots more that this company is doing right so go check them out at artifact, uprising dot com. They are amazing now, let's turn the focus back to you and your business. Remember insight without action is worthless. So I which one of these three smart strategies could help you the most. I and what's one action step? You could take right now to move all of this ahead. Now as always the best discussions happen. After the episode over Marie folio dot com. So go there and leave me a comment. 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