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Also thanks for the great ratings and reviews. A shoutout to Sheikh and Singapore, a RAV and Delaware, Luca and Enzo from Mexico Anders from West Point new. York, leaving rating a super easy, and goes a long way spreading word about the time history. A big thanks to those have done so already now onto our episode. Close Your eyes and imagine darkness is your world complete darkness. Now also cover your ears and I won't talk for a few seconds. You can focus on what it feels like. Can you imagine what it would be like to not be able to see your here? Your world would be completely dark and silent. How would you talk to your friends and family? How would you eat? How would you walk around the House and play with friends tonight. We're going to talk about a girl who lived most of her life without being able to see or hear. This is the amazing story of Helen Keller. Helen Keller was born June twenty, seventh, eighteen, eighty in Alabama. She was a healthy child and lived a pretty normal life for her first year she learned to talk at six months old and walked like most kids when she was one. When she was nineteen months old, she became very sick. After she was well or notice, she couldn't see or hear anything. Helmeted permanently lost her sight inhering. Close Your eyes again and cover your ears. This is how Helen lived and it was very difficult for her to cope with life afterward. Imagine trying to walk around the house and eat your dinner. Imagine trying to go outside and play and do basic things like play with your toys or friends, because Helen couldn't hear her ability to speak never improved, so she wasn't able to talk to people in her family. Either all of these challenges led to Helen acting out in ways, the made life for her and her family very hard. If put yourself and Helen shoes. You can think of how hard it would be to act normal under such circumstances, Helen would often kick and Pinscher family members. When she was angry, she would fall on the floor and scream and yell at the dinner table. She grabbed food off their plates. The family felt so bad for Helen, they just let her do whatever she wanted. They didn't know how to deal with a child who couldn't see or hear? Some friends and family said they should send her away because she was causing so much trouble for the family put her parents loved her too much to do that. One day, her mother was reading about another child who was blind, but received help from Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander, Graham. Bell was also known for the invention of the telephone. They met him, and he recommended they go to a school called the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston Massachusetts. They traveled there, and for the first time they and.

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