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That's the only way to do it because that's what everybody else does. That's what everybody says to do an an also works right but. There is something to be said for that positive approach I mean that can work just as well to it may require a little thought a little more. Strategy on your part, but it can be done in the context of what you're trying to get someone to do. Right. It's kind of a game and so there's the positive approach. The other approach is to also focus more on the mechanism or how they get the results without claiming what the result is. So for example. I made this really bold prediction to my email list. That basically says that classic Biz. OPS IS GONNA die. You know like the make money online I truly believe that that's Talking to around much longer except for affiliate. Email okay fine. But like cold traffic for the most part during a crackdown on that, that's my prediction. Because if you think about it going back to the mechanism, it's like I'm going to show you how to make money online. Okay, like versus. So the the new BIZ OPS is going to be two freelancers people who already have a skill who already have some kind of existing. Vehicle and then helping them accelerate it. So instead of selling them the car, which is, Hey, I'm gonNA teach you how to make money online. You're helping whatever car they have go faster. So it's I'm going to show you how to get clients. Or. How To. Get more clients. That's like that's where I see evolving into over the next six twelve months. Wow that's an that's an interesting insight because I could totally see that happening and you know when you're you know, one of the things you touched on there that I know is you know a big thing and facebook compliance as you mentioned the results, right? Let's that's another thing. As you know, Classic Direct Response Marketers like to talk about the results in setting you know You know playing up the results people are GonNa get and and what they're gonNA do. But when it comes to facebook specifically marketing on there, and what you're suggesting is what will eventually bleed over into all the other ways to generate cold traffic is that You have to be very, very careful about results right like I mean facebook doesn't like I mean even simple things that you may think would be okay. Maybe you can give us some examples of that like what is something that facebook at go up your promising result and you need to kind of steer away from that yeah. So some really important ones are very common is anything within a timeframe. Is Seen as can be seen as over promising thing about it wants to cover their ass legally because they can get sued by having people advertising platform and making claims..

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