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So I said. Now we're back Andrew producer Andrew what else you got. We got Brandon from Austin, who says we haven't talked about illegal immigration, but what about legal immigration, the population in my state of Texas has increased dramatically in the last few decades, both from in-country immigration from states like California, as well as from Latin America, should we be worried about population size and how much legal immigration is enough. So great question like this is actually kind of becoming more, hotly debated. So I am so against illegal immigration. I don't even call it illegal immigration. I think that immigration means that you obey the law, you wait in line, and you come to this country correctly, illegals, are line, cutting and border jumping, but this is the disagreement, I have with a lot of some people on the right. And this is kind of a growing contingent on the right and producer Andrew action, I'd be in this category, who knows which is there's this organization. I have respect for a lot of what they talk about. I'm not trying to diminish them or belittle them. I just disagree with him. And disagreements fine called numbers USA, and they run these. Ads saying, we want to restrict the amount of legal immigrants in our country, as if as, if aspirational qualified intelligent people coming to America would be a net negative and there's, there's no evidence of that whatsoever. It's not like we have a lack of land, or lack of resources in this country are certain parts of the country that are probably overpopulated LA county thinking of one, there's contract that could be benefitted by five thousand new ambitious young ethical, immigrants small over the world. And so I'm actually the opinion that we should be the Kentucky basketball of immigrants. And what I mean those that don't understand the sports reference, they go in search out Kentucky basketball every year, the best basketball players in the country and the best talent, we should be no different. We should have the most talented ambitious people in the world coming to America. Now, we have specific type of visa, the five visa allows you to come in with resources, create jobs by property, maybe a hotel and listening it, permanent residency. This is a great part of immigration system. We should expand that, and that we should make it easier for people bring their money into America. Same should be said though for the gene of genius visa if you're coming to be educated in America, you should be able to stay in America to go to Stanford. If you go to jail, go to Harvard, while, would we educate the best and brightest of the world and export them back to the country that they came from export them back to eastern Europe or to Africa, rever, it, doesn't make any sense. We want them to stay here in America. I'll give you a couple of minutes. We do not have an overpopulation problem in this country. Certain parts of the country can probably be too densely populated. But right now, just so you know, Chicago Illinois Cook County lost fifty six thousand people over the last ten years. Why is Illinois losing its grip because a bad politics and bad policy? But if you've ten thousand immigrants that come maybe a little bit of money, a lot of ambition, great ideas, Illinois, it could be turned around. And so, I know that a lot of the policy, a lot of the, the concern about overpopulation comes from people in L A, and producer. Andrew lives in L A, and he's I understand. It's traffic is real the traffic and the the schools. And I get all that. But there's parts of this country that are losing population, actually, you know, for the first time since the census North Dakota and South Dakota increasing population and Cook County is decreasing population, ca county Chicago, I want you to think about this. Cook County Chicago, where is the headquarters of Boeing, the headquarters United Airlines the headquarters of AllState insurance. Lost fifty six thousand people over ten years. It's amazing with all the births and all the people still moving there that means that there's just a net migration out of Illinois, and I'm one of them, I'm getting out as quickly as I possibly can. So there are parts of this country that would be benefited from a Embiid and aspirated group of immigrants that are can obey the law. They'll create jobs. They'll be entrepreneurs, they'll go to school, and they'll be able to participate in a market economy right now, injure, we have more job openings than we have people to fill them in America right now. And that's because our economy's doing so. Well, I say we need more legal immigrants to come to this country. I'll give you some example. Elon Musk came as an illegal immigrant, a legal immigrant, Peter Thiel, these people came as legal immigrants to our country, and they obeyed the law, and we're better because of it, you know, it is interesting. You touched on something right, there, about people moving around in the country legally. Right. So people are leaving places like California. They're leaving place. Like Leno and they're going to places like Texas like they're going to Arizona, they states. Exactly. And there are parts of this country Texas could take another five million legal immigrants. When you go to these parts of Texas, there, they are starving for, for high quality talent that will come to their that will come to their state. There's a lot of people though, that are also worried about this right causing a lot of consternation about Texas, turning blue because of all the Californians coming, look, here's the one thing you should not craft immigration policy around, how you think people are gonna vote. That's that's, that's not a good. That's what the left does, and we accuse them of that. That's why they want you legals. Right. So you should that's might be a byproduct might be a logical conclusion of a lot of these things, but we should what's best for the country. Okay. So hundred thousand people that bring money and bring a high intellect and bring in Bishen with them is nothing but positive, and this is not a relatively new concept. Merit-based immigration is the standard of a lot of these countries at the left. Holds up as the greatest countries in the world, Switzerland. They will not let you into Switzerland unless you have no debt, certain net worth, and no crime whatsoever. Switzerland's always held up as this great social when, in fact, Switzerland is actually much more free market than America's Sweden. Norway Denmark, Sweden up into late Sweden is totally screw themselves up because unlimited immigration their country, and that's not what I'm advocating at all. But there are people right now there are young people. There are eighteen and nineteen and twenty year olds all across the world from India from Indonesia in Somalia. That would give anything for a chance to come to America, and they would obey our laws and our country would be better because of it, we need those people here. We should want those people there and that's here. And this is exactly why advocate for that type of immigration, you know, there's some interesting numbers from pew pew. They say that according to pew the US has more immigrants than any other country in the world, as I as of two thousand fifteen the United Nations estimates that forty six. Point six million people living in the United States were not born here. No by far. And so not only that we take in half the world's immigrants every single year. So we have five percent of the world's population, and we take in fifty percent of the world's immigrants. We so if you had if you had you five fingers, everyone listening to this holds up five fingers, your first two fingers, right? There are Indian Chinese. That's the world population. One out of five people in the world are Chinese the other one on a five or Indian so to five of the people in the world are either Indian or Chinese. It's amazing to think about isn't it? We like to think, as if America has a lot of people we really don't we've three hundred and forty million people. That's five percent of the entire world. Most of the world is Indian and Chinese most of the world's actually in Asia, if you count, India and China, both in Asia, plus, the Philippines, plus Indonesia, plus Korea, plus Japan, you're looking at about two point seven two point eight billion people just in Asia alone. Not to mention Iran in the Middle East. There's a billion people about in the Middle East. Altog-. And so America's five percent of the world's population yet. We take fifty percent half of the world immigrants every single year. Japan, does not even have an immigration policy. And actually, I could argue the lot of these countries that don't want to bring in the best and brightest aspirated on Ford, thinking, and productive people. They're worse off because of long term. I think Japan is actually slipped from the global competitiveness stage because of their lack of embrace of a legal immigrants program that allows people to start with nothing and create something with aspiration and Embiid can work ethic. And entrepreneurship America's in a unique challenge. When when we're talking about immigration as well, in the sense that we are big enough as a country from east coast to west coast, north south, to have internal immigration that also causes upheaval and change different cities. Right. You mean illegal immigration? I'm talking about legal in-country immigration. This is really interesting. I mean, this is what we call the what Louis Brandeis called laboratories of democracy, essentially seeing how different states can implement. Policies and you'll see the movement of people, and Illinois is the greatest test case of this. Illinois should be one of the most prosperous, most fiscally, sound states in the country, I grew up in Illinois. I love it to death, but it's becoming unsustainable. They're doing nothing but raising taxes, their pensions are, are complete and total joke and every other neighboring states Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan Michigan's not neighboring not touching it, but it's neighboring it, you can get to Michigan in thirty minutes from Chicago. The our booming and prospering, on the backs of the mid west on the backs of Illinois. I should say, and so look what's really interesting is you see, now, people going to Tennessee people going to Texas. You see people going to Florida. Well, what does Texas, Tennessee and Florida all have in common low income tax manageable cost of living, and a free enterprise, booming economy, and you see the exact opposite from states like Connecticut, and Illinois states with high taxes with poorly run urban center public. 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