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Whatever's on your mind. Give us a call at 809 699352. And a lot of things to talk about. We'd like to hear from some people are at that celebration last night. Must have been quite an event. I don't think the fans were able even get beer low. I'm not sure I saw a lot of beer. I don't know about Raymond James Stadium, but there's beer everywhere. Oh, yeah, well, down on the field definitely show plenty of it there, but I don't think they were selling it for people in the stands. Think I heard that somewhere? And I'm thinking It would ruin this celebration of sure they found a way to get through here. You got to get that. You know those camel backs what they are. It's like ah water pack that you can wear as a backpack on her back, and it's just like a big straw that goes around your neck. And you can get kind of suck whatever you want out of beer out of a straw. That's right. Put some beer in here, man. Speaking of very think there's going to be a bud light. Tampa Bay Lightning beer coming out, right? It's called Bud Lightning. Frightening that lever get me a six pack of that land. Toy story two. I like it. I saw a Stanley Cup made of Bud Lights yesterday. Somebody made a giant, but I have a picture of it actually very cool. Speaking of beer, though I'm sort that Yangling teamed up with her season, they made a chocolate beer. Like a chocolate porter don't like need either. People are like raving on Facebook yesterday, and I was like, I don't know if it's just me, but that sounds disgusting. I'm not a beer drinker visit mingling Very heavy. No. Oh, that's where I'm at dark And it looks like anything is good with cheer. Yeah, they even Manufacturers over here one of there too. Breweries is in Tampa were One. And what used to be the Schlitz brewery many many years ago. I don't know his Schlitz still make beer. I haven't heard that in a long time is over by Bush Gardens, right? Uh, the yangling things over by Busch Gardens? Yeah, Yeah, OK, 40. I think his 40th street And the irony is there used to be a huge When I came here, Busch Gardens was just a little bird show. Those dollar watch to it, and then you had the huge Ah Budweiser plant where they made Bud Washer and Dolphin shows there too. At one point. Yeah, that came much later. But they did have so weird boy. Yeah, I think I think they did so random. It's changed so much. They don't even have dolphins there. That's why it's hard to me. I think Schlitz still is being made. It's a million Cores Brewery. It's in the cores. Maria Miller course. Miller Corner only like Schlitz, Um back are you too? And you know, I'm not like a string. I love the can. That's love. The nostalgia is such a cool looking like the old school came once. Oh, by the way, I think this is interesting. Mayor Castor again last night was talking about Bring in Lord Stanley here to get a tan. But She had a bet with the mayor of Dallas. And apparently while she promised to send cigars, Cuban Bread and craft beer. Highlight beer to Dallas If the stars beat the lightning, and if the bolts win the Mayor of Dallas. Eric Johnson is going to send craft beer from there. I don't know what kind Candy apples. And brisket, Texas bristle only get some of that. Texas brisket. It's barbecue in Texas is apparently just legendary. It's great. Never been like Texas barbecue. Why? I don't know. I've had it in Dallas. I like North Carolina barbecue like our barbecue shall go on a barbecue tour. Have a funny story about Texas barbecue interest to you know, I wouldn't hold on to it. And coming up Natalie with a Texas barbecue store. Right now, we go to the newsroom and Chris Tradesmen Governor De Santis issued an executive order allowing Florida's eviction moratorium to expire. In doing so the state will now follow the CDC order that puts a temporary halt to evictions nationwide. Two Santas had extended the state order numerous times of the last several months to give residents time to catch up with their outstanding debt. The CDC eviction order expires on December 31st. Four teens were injured in a single car crash after a 16 year old driver without a licence, lost control and hit a tree. ST. Petersburg police say the teen was speeding and driving recklessly on 26th Avenue north when the car hit a curb and then hydroplane before impact. Driver had to be removed by firefighters and was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Launches on hold after getting scrubbed just seconds before liftoff United launch alliance was set to blast off a Delta four heavy rocket just before midnight last night at the Kennedy Space Center, But the launch was called off seven seconds before liftoff. Do the hardware issues. This was the fifth time the launch was aborted. There's no word when the launch will be rescheduled, calling for a strike man NewsRadio wofl a knowledge check Sports.

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