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And we're going to go to our first organization here. And this is a local kind of continuation of our program Last week when we were talking about Army Air Corps and so forth, and we're gonna take a visit right now to the Yankee Air Museum, which happens to be in Belleville, Michigan, here just east of Ann Arbor, and Jim fell. Stone is going again being Conducting this interview, and he's conducting the interview this time with Kevin Wall shoes, the president and CEO of the Yankee Air Museum, So take it away, Jim. We want to welcome to the spotlight and the Association of Michigan military organizations or ammo Today is, you know, Veterans Radio America has a partnership with M O to bring you a quick look. Had a Michigan military organization that supports the history of military service in the state of Michigan. And we encourage you to go visit Amul on Facebook and this particular organization by visiting it. But we want to welcome Kevin Walsh, the president and CEO of the Yankee Museum. Kevin Welcome to Veterans Radio again. Thank you, Jen. It's a pleasure to be here, as always. Well, we're really happy to have the opportunity to talk and talk a little bit about what's going on in this weird year at the Yankee Air Museum, tell our listeners what they ought to be looking for. Yeah, absolutely. It wasn't the year we expected or deserved that. You know, it goes across the board for everybody. But Aziz being a nimble in adaptive organization. We were able to, um, you know, follow you No orders. Our governor and her health department and figure out a way to re engage folks. Obviously we were closed. You know, from our mid March point, uh, actually closed a little bit early before even the shutdown, And then we stay close a couple weeks after just to make sure that we had everything right, Because what we didn't want to do is we didn't want to create an environment that would be at all questionable or or you know. Dangerous for the spread of the virus, you know, for our team members, first and foremost, but also for our guests, and we we've been able to re engage at quite a significant level, which has been very exciting, You know, Togut back and show people you know the great things that we do, But you know, in a different format s so it's taking on a whole new look of operation on Duh couldn't be more proud of our volunteers and team. There's uh, how we've adapted. Well, you know, the word museum puts a few people off. And, um I really want to get across the folks that this the Yankee or museum, which everybody in the state of Mission should know about, Uh, maybe because of the aircraft it has or the thunder over Michigan and runs but Give folks some sense of the size. And uniqueness of what we call the Yankee Air Museum. Sure, yeah, absolutely. It's way certainly have that traditional museum aspect about us, but certainly dynamically the way we run. The organization is very different than a lot of traditional museums. And as you mentioned the thunder over Michigan Air Show, not just the Marquis event for Yankee Irving see him, but it's a marquee event in South East Mission. Yet, you know, and and, of course, it in bodies that the spirit of celebrating our military past and present on band, obviously bringing American aeronautics to the to the forefront in what we think is one of the most dynamic ways that you can celebrate. Um you know, the aviation industry and those that have worked and served, you know in that in that industry, Thunder is just one example. The other piece to us that is so different than most traditional static museums is the aircraft that we fly, but also that we give rides on. So right now we've transformed our flyable fleet. The aircraft that's actually flying. The collection team ache sure that people are able to ride on these. So there's five different airplanes that we now in that having historic flying aircraft collection that people can pay. Get up in the air and actually go for a ride in them, you know, And there's so few museums that you can get into an artifact and experience the artifact life on. That's one of the things that makes us again very, very different in the fact that you could fly at a World War two bomber you could fly on a 1928 tri motor. You can fly in a Vietnam era Huey helicopter on all these different XP. Variances in what we call a ra adventures because they are. It's an adventure, which again just breaks that mold of museum as you think of placards and artifacts, and and I didn't lights and there's nothing wrong with that. Is that the wrong with it it all because we have that static aspect of it, But we wanna be. We want to be more dynamic than just a static museum. Well, I can tell folks because I know folks have done it. I've done this If you need a gift for that guy, Maybe it's Dad. Granddad uncle who's hard to find a gift for Get him a gift certificate to fly in one of these Yankee air museum aircraft. They will smile for a year. It's an incredible opportunity is I've never heard of calling here adventure, which I think it absolutely is, and is a great idea and it's got a set you apart. Really from all of the other similar, uh, military museums in the state of Michigan. I would think. Yeah, yeah, Absolutely. And it's something that crosses all all genders. All cultures. Um, it zavis real experience when you when you're sitting in a Huey helicopter. Um, it doesn't matter who you are, Um, in the doors are open and you're strapped into the helicopter. You go for a flight, you know, for for his cheapest $99 a seat. You know it is. It is just something that you just can't get anywhere else and riding in something that you know, served our nation. But also it's just this visceral experience of flight. Unlike anything else we get we go toe Detroit Metro Airport. We get on a commercial airliner. It's climate controlled. It's insulated. It's quiet. It's smooth riding. Um You know, and that's that's flying today, but we take you back in time. And the flying back in time is so much more. Just keep coming back to the word visceral where you know the skin of the bombers is only a thickness of a corner. So you smell the you smell the aviation fuel burning and the roar of the engines is no insulation in that, you know you were a year protection. It's And and it puts you in a period of history of moment of history is captured by that ride, And like I said, it doesn't matter who you are or what your background is, Um, when you get to go for something that's that exhilarating. It stays with you. But it also gives you that appreciation to say Wow, I didn't know it used to be like that. Um, but what is really needed is that point in time was a very, very exciting time in American aeronautics, as we were learning in developing aircraft. Well as we come to the end of the spotlight period here. The spy later on an animal organization, and we're talking to Kevin Walsh, the president, CEO of Yankee Air Museum, Kevin tell our listeners a little bit about your website president and how they might Learn more about what's out there, and they're going to take my advice. We're going to go get that gift card and make somebody's days this this'll holiday season. Absolutely well, if you don't have a good Web presence now, you know you're you're so far behind the.

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