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Yeah did she murder vicepresident with a chair did she spoiler she murderer another vice president by convincing her to commit suicide she's awful the only food she eats popcorn that you can't trust a person like that that's a bad person all they're really happened you could make you could tell me mark summers from double dare like a russian oligarch scandal and i'll be like okay let's go yes she's definitely somebody who you think you can you can dress like her don't be her yeah got don draper he's one that's a bit of a nuance guy right he likes to drink like seventy eight the foreign kate remember meghan sings zubi soupy when front this org friends which that's crazy and they bought an apartment with white carpet who what hero does that that's clearly villain that handsome and not a little evil i'm sure yeah it's bad so but even more than that like villains can get even more new ones they can start out as clearly a bad guy over the course of their narrative their story they become softened you can start to round be like oh we'll all along he actually wasn't a bad guy he was actually my favorite kind of gotten yeah he's bad but maybe not maybe i can fix them like the and the perfect example of a guy i can fix is jamie lancaster game of thrones now here's the deal this is this isn't the first episode of this series right jamie lancaster pushes the small child out a window because that trial may have seen him having relations with his own twin sister so like this little gift is post incest is what we're saying.

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