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Your fans is the rich eisen show. We're hoping that the raiders defense shows up in a manner that is a little bit more style cassatt. I'm really anxious to watch how we play collectively again. One of the benchmark teams in the league of rape. The rich eisen show earlier on the show. Nfl network analyst. Daniel jeremiah basketball hall of famer chris. Webber coming up fox sports college football analyst bruce feldman and now you're rich eisen polaroid everybody. Our number. three of the rich eisen show is on the air. Eight four four zero. Four rich is the number to dial coming up later this hour. We recount one of the greatest sports stories ever that went down this weekend and got lost amongst the avalanche of football a weekend of a pennant race baseball and of course a basketball hall of fame ceremony that we discussed in full with one of the enshrined members of the current class at the basketball hall of fame in springfield massachusetts. Chris webber was on our number two he also said. Look for that Fat five reunion coming up. Hopefully i was. I was a little nervous about that. To be honest with you because Only juwan of the fab five. Was there for this anstey fisher. But he says there. Everything's good there in all five to get together or not. I'm going to be there to take a selfie. You definitely got the fight. The super six. Yes our number one daniel jeremiah. On talking about that crazy monday night. Finish two week number one crazy. Monday night finished a week number one that felt like i traveled to vegas had a weekend there. That's what it felt like watching that game last night ran Rams opened up their new stadium on sunday night. Felt like a los angeles night where it was A lot of the celebs were out. Sports fans knew beautiful. Stadium super bowls common last night. Mas vegas it was a total trainwreck of a great game. Well you know a great weekend in vegas is like was that the greatest worst week in my life of the worst great weekend of my life like that's usually the question we've been talking about this for two hours. All i wanna do is go to vegas now okay. It's like watching the masters you want to go play. Go play golf all want to go. Just destroy myself quite vegas course with me so it also took it's crazy. We weren't even done with the first nfl weekend. We're not even close to the third college football weekend and usc fired clay hilton yesterday. And a man who's been all over this story. His athletic article that was posted on twitter in relation. All this next football coach. Bruce feldmans candidates to watch including a pack twelve. Zero is on the athletic dot com. And also you can hit the link on his twitter. Feed at bruce feldman bruce feldman fox sports in the athletic back. Here in the richeisenshow. Harry bruce good morning rich. Good to talk football insane to you. Let's start with the obvious question. Why and why now. What got me on that without right. So look klay has been on the hot seat at usc really since about two thousand eighteen. That's a long time recruiting has suffered and they gave him every opportunity. I think they have the new app. Relatively new athletic director. Mike bohn had Really gave him More support more infrastructure and and. They thought they'd reshaped his snap but the reality is the problem is still the product on the field and they got blown out. They got embarrassed on saturday. Night at the coliseum by a stanford team got whooped the week before by k. state Yet fans into the exits. From what. I'm told mike bone. The ad was disheartened borderline disgusted by what he saw. As well and i think from sunday he realized it's not a matter of of if it's a matter of when and the timetable they look. That was what we have on the road this week against a bad washington state team and we have a pretty mediocre oregon state team coming back to the coliseum. And probably none of our fans are gonna come show up I think they felt like this move. They just realized the fans that already realized it was not going to be able to lead them to the playoffs. The team was just underachieving and they were not happy with the product. It's just that simple it to me from everything. i've heard. It has been a monday through friday kind of problem. They do not practice with the physicality of the intensity or have the organization to really develop players. Develop this team. The way other top programs do and i think it was. It was enough. They finally said we got just rip the band so They did and is this. Just also the the timing also have to do with the fact that the the contract that lynn swann bestowed on helton is an extension. A couple of years ago has finally reached a point where they're willing to eat it. What's riding on it. Is that a pretty much it somewhat manageable. Now in terms of what he said ten million dollar balloon that they're to have to pop as opposed to a couple of years ago when he was really on the hot seat They were looking at to get rid of him to get rid of the staff and to bring somebody else in somewhere. Close to fifty million dollars that they would have had to be on the hook for Now what's interesting is a couple of years ago. A lot of the fans were really clamoring for urban meyer. He was out of coaching at that. Point doing tv and the realities from i understand from people. I trust that the new president who had taken over at usc at the time was deal with all sorts of scam. I'm not summit. Athletic department wise. I'm talking about university. Y.'s. usc was engulfed in it. And the idea of hiring urban meyer who has baggage especially not that far removed from zac. Smith scandal where urban Got suspended for three games. I don't think he was even somebody they could considered She wanted anything to do with so that was an unwieldy search process for them. This is more manageable and it's gonna be interesting to see who they target and who is gonna wanna come up you know. Let's say come across the country giving away kind of where..

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