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Does this murder eventually gets pin on you. The guy who was only able to watch or listen helplessly as your friend got stabbed that and then in order to save your own life you. Dan would probably any of us would have done. You played along with slim hongo until you could get away. I would not want to abandon your shoes. At that point. You just lost your brand. Otas had to contend with the question of to snitch or not to snitch on sophie's choice on these two murderers drug dealers. Our partners what happens starting talking are on. You know that was what do i say. Come on beijing. I know it was actually knowing the house. And they won't shea back casino. I had any information contract u. n. jamie's card car rolled around two thousand. You know issued a phone booth and then call the police. You and i hope everything cheney's no they came and me up to the station and i mean just take and it will. I mean they'd have me call our back home. So you made a statement to a sergeant sergeant preston and you're going to be a witness and steve. Maybe you can tell us about the next part of the story. Which is how. Kevin was picked up for cocaine possession sometime later and while and the state's witness holding area of la county jail. He eventually meets three guys. Who are responsible for him being in this horrible predicament. Today what happened was kevin got arrested for possession of cocaine charge and because he was the main witness against slim and hongo on murder case. They put him in with prosecution witnesses. And it's commonly called the snitch tank. Which is a separate jail from the men's central jail and while kevin was in there. He told his cellmate. Willie battle and the guy that was in the next cell over Jesse williams. He told them what actually happened. Is they asked. And that's very common in jail. What he in for the exchange information but this time. It only came from kevin. He told him what happened and twisted around and ran with it and then they called the police department and ask them if they had a a murder case where the body was found by a canal. They call it. A canal is really a drainage ditch and they put him in contact with the active. Marvin branscum who was not sergeant preston. Who gave the statement to and they convinced brands come at what they had to say was was true which he said that kevin confessed to these jumped in murders murder. And hey we got a guy on a bragging about guy said with radian is selling time off doing so. I end up. Being the hatch will witness now being satchel killer so kevin became a defendant instead of a prosecution witness in a move him out of the snitch tank to another part of the jail. So kevin's transferred over to the central jail and then he met a very notorious niche named leslie white and i get a call from leslie white. I never heard of leslie white. Leslie white says i understand. You're defending kevin dykes and that. He has been ratted out by two sandwiches. And i said that's exactly right. He says well. I can help you. You come down here. And i'm gonna tell you all about the smith system and how it works okay. So i go down to the jail. I talked to leslie white. He tells me about how inmates get a hold of paperwork and change facts and get a hold of the detective or da handling a particular murder case and because they know these unique facts they can convince the detective or District attorney handling the case that this confession was valid confession. So i said well that sounds good. Okay i'll put you on the witness list. Mr white so about a week or two later i get the witness list from the district. Attorney and leslie. White is on there as a people's witness and not only that i get up report that says that kevin dykes confessed to leslie white. And i'm flabbergasted. Because i just talked to leslie white and he was going to be a witness for kevin so i go down to the jail and i call out leslie white. And he's willing to come and talk to me. And i said what are you a witness for the prosecution. Now he says yup. I said well. You know that kevin's innocent. Why you do what. How can you do that. And he says well man's got to do what he's gotta do. That's what he said. I gotta be honest. My head is spinning. And i didn't even live through this. I mean this is kevin. I mean i'm so sorry that you're living. This is a this is your life we're talking about. I believe that what they're gonna was even possible. I didn't seek at this whole like what the actual eyewitnesses they don't run about rally about what ads and so i didn't really believe what they what they had. Never even heard of that. I mean this is. This is like nothing. I don't think we've ever heard a story like this before. so stephen. What happens next when we got to court. All they had was his statement to sergeant preston and therese niches. And i couldn't believe that they would even want to proceed with this evidence but they did and just before the verdict was issued. I told kevin. I said now kevin when you get out of here. You've got to change your ways. Be a law-abiding citizen and a used to society. And he said okay. Mr house your. I'm going to do that. king guilty. Both sh- lord. You were sentenced to twenty four years to life here. It is now two thousand twenty or still in. Could you just take us back there. Put us in that courtroom with you. You can please the furry..

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