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When I work with my sister directors always tell them, give me room with me. Denzel don't try to block into a schedule without having time because I know any room to play with him. No one knows if you're gonna walk in the room. I'm a walking room and I'm gonna say this, you know the dialogue, but he may get a different feeling when you when you deliver your line. Right? Like with him and miles to kit the scene without giving it away. I got intense because Denzel really cares about kids about what's happening to them in their lives that came out of him that wasn't on a page. You know, he just we had rehearsed rehearsed, but I knew because I know him that it was going to go further than what we were hers, and it was a matter of making sure Ashton handle those moments. That's why it's important to have great actors next, great actors. Because when things shift within the context of the moment, you gotta stay with it. Yeah, becomes the true moment to see if you really have what it takes to Spar with somebody like Zell because he's in the moment and everything he's doing about the moment and he's gonna make you look stronger if you stay in the game. So when I was Kathy for Ashton, I needed to make sure headed young acted wouldn't panic and lose way. Right. And that's that's a hard thing to do hats off to ask when I was trying to find Ethan Hawke. Well, the character in training day one of the hardest things was finding somebody could sit in a car next Denzel. Not drown. Yeah. And also be a great actor on his own that it was support Denzel performance and the and has performance Ethan. Was that guy? I don't think the academy were what happened without Ethan. Yeah, got nominated himself. People forget. So finding a balance. It's like a team. You only great as your your partner and your team, you know, and those to those sort of moments within Zell surprise me all the time all the time. This is your first sequel and going into it. You know what people liked about the first movie and you have, there's always that trap the secrets, ca fall into where you just give them the same thing. Again, trap is to do the same thing starts richer, wake went off and wrote a script that was different from the first group. So if you didn't see, I saw only this one. It can stand on his own as a film. Without the information. And that's part of the key to a sequence to me is, you know, first of all, when you make your first film, I movie of a sequence sequel rather look at it as just a movie. Try to make that movie the best movie you can make and that's it don't think of it at the. They won't be another one. You can't think I'm gonna make this whole back. I'm not going to give everything I got because it might not, you know, because I got to save it for the second one mistake just gotta go forward as if that's it. Not only that you got to move as if you're never gonna get to make another movie again because you only as good as your last one, right? Yeah. Yeah. So you gotta going thinking, this is this is the fight. This is it if I lose, I lose. So you can't be thinking about well on equalizer two and three. I'm not gonna use this lens because it's really cool ended, and I don't want to do this does give me your best performance because you know, we want to save for the second one, your second bed. Yeah, that's not gonna work, you know. So you just do the best movie and then then it becomes a money thing. Studio thing, of course, if they want us spend money on the second one or third one on credit be as well. This is Denzel first sequel to. I mean, there's no taking Pelham one to four. There's. For some reason, your husband and twenty two, and I don't really understand why he's still alive. She's back. It's taken a long time to make a sequel imagined when he did. So he came wanting to before pitfalls, and you know? Yeah. I mean, it's all in the script as well. I don't think he consciously just didn't want to sequel nothing made sense to do sequel with really same with me for me..

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