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Criminal Justice commission. Andrew fever says they're working with state senators to change that under the current injunctions against harassment statute harassment is defined as more than one instance. So somebody is a victim of sexual assault without that personal relationship. It would have to. Kerr more than once before they can see that relief from the court fever says the sexual assault protective order Bill has passed. The Senate is now awaiting a final vote of the house, and they're hoping to get the Bill signed by the governor this month because it sexual assault awareness month. Every Joan is making progress on reducing its backlog of untested rape kits in twenty sixteen when sexual assault. Evidence was tested only when the suspect was unknown the rebound six thousand untested rape kits since the policy was changed. So all rape kits tested. There are now fewer than four hundred that are still untested Maricopa County. Attorney Bill Montgomery says every rape kit. Must be tested victim with fairness respect and dignity by following through and doing a complete investigation. Montgomery says testing led to seven suspects being convicted and seven others awaiting trial, fair warning if you met a New Year's resolution to lose weight, April is typically the breaking point a lot of people fall off after the first four six weeks. But most people fall off. The Secondly today KTAR medical expert. Dr Terry Simpson says when it comes to staying fit focus not just on diet, but making lifestyle changes really are good for the short-term. They're not six with a long term, and you need to just simply eat kind of like mom said each vegetables. I. Spoiler place. Get some exercise. He says at times cutting out some foods can affect your health. So we recommend you do your research before going on a diet. Tucson is expecting.

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