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Why? Because Jacksonville knows what we all know he's better than he used to be, but he's still not good twenty one and forty fortieth starting quarterback sixty four interceptions since two thousand fourteen. He had the number two defense in football. Last season they didn't believe in him. Why should we believe in him. Blake Bortles is better, but they probably should've traded for ee lie last year and got marginally better. They might have gotten to a Super Bowl. Number four, Ryan tannehill Ryan tannehill has two four thousand yard seasons k. but since his rookie years pass rating is thirty first in the NFL Jay Cutler by the way, now retired and a reality show star. And I mean reality show star, right? Take other much better. You feel much better with his surly technique. Surly attitude is a reality show star than you do back in the NFL anyway. His his pass rating is lower than Jay Cutler's dolphin beds Rex to relieve when Jay Cutler replaced him last year when Ryan tannehill out of tornado. I know two years ago he set the world of fire with twenty-seven touch. Sounds like ten receptions. They're, they're put a lot of faith in him. Now they've stripped him down of Jarvis Landry not buying it and coming off an ACL that he missed the entire season. We'll put Ryan tannehill was number four. Number three. Another backup who went to Harvard, are you wear the Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard and drove beddis from Detroit. These, the two most over told stories in all of the National League thirty five years old. A below sixty percent completion percentage since two thousand five. I-it's he's a great backup and he can fill in the one year with the jets. And then he held out for big money. He does have a fantastic beard mustache combo. Any went to Harvard outside of that dude, he doesn't have much arm not much arm, and he's played for seven different teams for reason. Number two, Mitch ole or Mitch Trubisky. We don't have a lot to work with. He didn't have a lot to work with last year, but he was drafted and played for a quarterback guru. And yeah, he passed for one hundred eighty two point, eight yards per game last season. That's the second fewest in the NFL. The only one would Li last was Brett Hundley who didn't win the backup job with the Green Bay Packers. That's why they traded him. Seattle can twelve games. He threw seven touchdown passing. He was great at handing the ball off, and that's the skill you need least in the National Football League. We don't have a ton of data to work with, but so far the data is not good. Not a lot of confidence in Chicago. They made the right call trading up for Mitch Trubisky number one, and the worst starting quarterback in the National Football League. Our group for me personally, I'm taking ownership of it. Some of it's based on expectations. He's the Super Bowl MVP. He had one year twenty nine touchdowns to interceptions. Boy, Nick foles is not look good, and he's regressing towards the mean maybe even past the mean so far in the preseason great guy, great story out of football didn't want to be traded because he wants to be the backup for a reason. That's what he is huge expectations because of how well he played in the NFC championship game, the Super Bowl, but people forget he was a mess when he was first named starting quarterback last year with eagles. It was not good. You go back to the disaster at the end of the run with the Rams and how he's looked in the preseason out of football for reason sixty nine point zero passer rating over the last three seasons in three regular season starts last year before the playoffs where he played better, didn't play well against Atlanta played better, obviously, really good against Minnesota in great and Super Bowl, a fifty, four percent completion. Percentage fifty, four percent that's like blue tar ski level in the National Football League. Nick foles your thirty second best or best bad starter in the Nashville bully.

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