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Our time has gone by so fast. We only have like a five minutes left. Okay I mean this I. It's like a time warp here. Yeah so what I want to ask you. Is You know I know we really haven't covered. Well this is. All part of it is Yeah this was the paradigm that I found where the aliveness of nature calls to us and we are. Apart of sat where water we are that aliveness. We are power trees. That communicated with me in my dreams started communicating with me in my waking state. And that's what I talk about. In this dream. The dream up to the sixth son is that this isn't there is there. Was there seeds that were being planted? here's one that I looked at. I walk up the mountain with a group of people. We are on retreat in the desert. The flap of the birds wings makes makes stuck quickly as it flies overhead. I glance upward in. I see that it has a tremendous wingspan. This this that diminishes us by comparison at makes bird look like a large airplane but he Just skipped through it. He a lights on the boulder just a few feet away from us. I tilt my head back. And we end his foot and see his full flight. He adjusts his wings majestically at his sides in looks at me his His Dark I tells me he is there for a reason for us to drink in the wonder of his splendor we can't help but behold him unravel in his royal presence and it is that where. I leave off and this book begins and in this one Oh just read really briefly that That part where I mentioned to you that we have arrived in the thick of the sixth son as the Mayan Anasta. Calendars prophesied. My hope is that you will turn the KNOB. Open the door and find the harmony and balance your heart longs for as the Aztec poet Dorchi. We'd sleep which Leanne tells us. It is not true. It is not true that we come to this earth to live we come only to sleep and only to dream and that is what this is about going through fear finding those places within. Us worry we are one with everything we don't find them neatly laid out. I certainly didn't I had to really dig dig deep. I had to allow myself to be transformed and to let go of my earthly addictions Amen. I mean that's what our society feeds into. Its it takes work. It takes discipline it takes dead. It does I. I've been out this for forty years. I'm just coming up with this and this is where I really face the demons. I invite them that fear. It was my demons coming to stop me to say you can't dream big. You can't be who you really are. But our real spirit is that connects. It's race sparrow in that. I was going to ask before you did this. What can you share with the viewers to assist to help them to free themselves enough to be able to listen to their dreams and I know sometimes dreams are kind of abstract and it's hard to interpret but when you get in the practice of it it becomes avenue really does open up? Yes everybody has his cabinet. Guide them Yes for me. It was letting go of my addictions big time. You know whatever I needed shopping money boyfriends bins. All of that. I had to learn how to be a human being and being yourself at innately naturally. Yeah whole whole family. Yes afraid of power but not to pump ourselves up. Put myself up with it. That's the ego yet. Exactly and what? What the real lesson for me has been is to recognize when I'm in the EGO. Unrecognized quin higher. Oh I've been working on that for years. Yeah it's it's a challenge. It is to challenge. It is and listening to your hair yourself but thank you so much. This has been wonderful idea. I could probably go on for another. Yeah you know Nice. I thought that I had it all planned out. But you know it was almost like. I went back into those places to to illicit will. Nobody's really gone because this I love using this as an example for people to learn from. That's what this is about. You know aside for of course you sharing your intimate connection here. Thank you can. I just read this paragraph go. Okay okay so here's quote. Leak was worked. I started meeting with the Gods and goddesses went along and started will. How do they play into our lives today? So when I started writing this is what started opening up for me. I am the mother of your mother providing the spiritual nourishment that will take your last breath and bring you safely into the next stage of awareness. I continue to do my dream work Aware of your actions in other worlds where you create and Co create with yourself and sister and brother travelers. Everyone dreams but most have forgotten. That sleep is more than a time to rest. Sleek is for sharpening your spiritual senses a rich period of creativity to dream within. Dreaming is a gift when gifts to oneself the ability to remember increases in time and the space will. Yes and thank you so much. I hope you enjoy today's episode of wealth. 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