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So you go from there to think and well then, obviously to Shana Watson. You know that bidding war something the Niners and not gonna want to get themselves involved in doesn't now come down to sort of a binary choice between Her cousins. If you could get him and Jimmy Garoppolo, or are all of these science, pointing to Jimmy Garoppolo and the quarterback carousel for the Niners is going to stop with him. Well, I don't think the quarterback carousel ever stops in the in the NFL. It's a very good point Gold for everybody. People keep mining it for all it's worth. But, um, I think at the end of the day it zombie Garoppolo And really, the question is, should be Garoppolo and who else is behind him? Right now. It's Jimmy Garoppolo in Josh Johnson are the only cubes signed for the off season. Um, they go through the offseason with four so they're two more spots open. Um, you know, I think that they're gonna draft a quarterback and certainly the first time since 2017 that they've done so And the question would be how highly do they They tracked it. Do they use the number? 12 pick Or is it somebody like a C? J. Better that they pick up with one of their their multiple third round picks show that's That's how I see it playing out. I mean, I think they're gonna Yeah, this is this is part of their M. 02 is to be in on trades like Matt Stafford. They like to be in on the action in case you know, something unexpected happens. Sure it sends. It sends a signal toe. Other teams that you know the 40. Niners are always open for action. So if we've got a trade, let's let's give John Lynch a call. They want to. They want to be receptive to all, um, transactions and acquisitions and things like that. Just you know, so that if something like a Jimmy Garoppolo, which happened out of the blue and 2017 comes along Um, they're they're one of the first teams that are that are called so that that's part of the reason why they're always mentioned, Uh, you know whether it's the Austin Hooper for the tight end from Atlanta last year toe Lady on belt kind of goes on Way back toe Nobby, Awesome Juan and guys from a decade ago, that's That's been their business practice to do that. So it's a long way of saying I expect them to be mentioned to be in on the Shawn Watson if it ever comes to pass, But you're right. It's it's hard to see them outbidding some of these other teams for watching. You know, the whole thing is really interesting because it's like going back to Garoppolo. It's like clearly if they like Garoppolo, they would have locked him up, extended him and figured everything out. Instead, they've looked around last year and this year Just looking at this draft. Okay, So let's just say Lawrence goes one to Jacksonville because everybody thinks that's gonna happen. The Jets are sitting there too. They may go quarterback. They may not, Um, maybe they go with the kid from BYU. Maybe they go with the Buckeye guy. Or maybe they maybe they trade forward to Shawn Watson. What do you think of the of the idea of, um trading with Robert Sala up in the draft for guy like Zach Wilson? Do you think I mean Two me, the guys. The quarterbacks that arm or ready to play would be Mack Jones of Alabama and Zach Wilson from BYU. I think those guys are probably more ready to play earlier on. But what do you think of the idea of trading? Maybe, you know some package of picks and players to move up to two. Yeah. I mean, it's something that California han, um he's been hesitant about. Rookie quarterbacks, and part of that was because back in 2017 when they were adding quarterbacks. They knew that this was a rebuild. They knew that Kirk cousins might be available in creating see Um so he didn't go in that direction. I don't know if their position has changed to a point where they would, um, kind of changed their stance on that. My My instinct is to say no, that they feel like their their window of opportunity is wide open right now and that if you bring in a Zach will senior, you're taking a bit of a risk and in the short term We don't know if he's going to be good, and you don't know how quickly he's gonna pick up this. This offense, which has been a challenge for even multi year veterans, guys like Matt Ryan. So, um, That's why I don't think that they would now the guy that interests me is Trey Lance, because he's somebody that you you would think might even make it. Uh 12. Just given his sort of peculiar college career, Um, but he's got all the kind of physical skills that you would just love. So you would have the situation where you've got the veteran Jimmy Garoppolo and you've got Really intriguing guy behind him. Who would, you know, basically not do anything his first year, But you know, in 2022 all of a sudden you've got a legitimate Plan B in case you, don't you? You decided once and for all toe part ways with Jimmy Garoppolo. How is Garoppolo handling this? Because it does. I haven't heard anything from him or have been no reports that the these disillusioned it on when there is Tom Brady last year. There is Stafford this year that maybe you know it'd stories about the night is interesting. Watson. It just Hi. How is he feeling? Because if he could just like truck this off, like, Hey, you know that's the business. You know, they like I got to do better. I gotta stay healthy. I understand it like you can get it. But these guys still have feelings. And sometimes feelings get hurt, like godly. You know, they trusted me a couple of years ago, and now they're saying what they can do to get me out of here had How's he handling all this? You think Well, I haven't talked to him after the Stafford stuff. I did talk to him after the Brady dalliance last year, and he said, You know, two things that you know it's calm Brady. Of course, the 40 Niners had toe Kind of look at it and investigated And the other thing you said was that John Lynch and Palate Phantom hand kind of kept him, um, apprised of everything every step of the way there was constant contact with him. Which he said he appreciated that honesty and any really didn't seem bothered at all by it. I mean, I think you're right. You have to be to some degree. They're basically saying, you know, we're still interested in another quarterback, and you haven't sold us. Um and his other takeaway was that that's That's what the NFL is there. People are constantly trying to take your job and your coaches air trying tow constantly figure out if there's a way to bring in somebody better than you, and so It was a very rational take in the matter. Um, And then you could make the argument that maybe he should have been more heard. You know, he should have been more offended, like a like a Matt Ryan would have been really ticked off over it..

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