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So a father. He was an adolescent when vladimir lenin and led the russian revolution in nineteen seventeen. He was a teenager interested in science. As communism was taking root in soviet union korea had particularly fallen in love with gliders and the idea of flight and he joined up with a group of aviation enthusiasts who were building rocket engines for fun. They were trying to push the bounds of how fast and how high these gliders lighters and planes could go the group's leader was a man named friedrich zander sander was older than korolyov sort of a father figure and he read lots of science fiction and he dreamed of going to space he and even named his daughters ostra and mercury after after the stars and the planet his mantra with this group was onward to mars and he ended up turning coral you have from someone who was simply interested in fine to someone who was excited by the much wilder ideas of space travel even though sander was sort of this spiritual leader of this group korolyov pretty quickly became a more effective logistical leader he would offer up his home as a meeting spot and the young men would even melt their own silverware to make parts for the rockets in other countries. You got similar sort of activities. This is roger lanka's former chief historian of nasa. The german rocket society gets developed as well during the same timeframe. That's where rainer von braun got his start. The verner von braun's the surrogate court loves they are initially excited by the prospect of exploring space but lake with von braun korolyov had to start working with the military military in order to continue to pursue his passion. Now an interesting thing to note is that the u._s. are was initially ahead of other countries in many ways first of all a russian man named constantine sokolowski had already developed a theory in nineteen. Oh the three that scientists today consider the first documented proof that getting to the moon was scientifically possible so called ski mapped out the plan for how you could use liquid fuel and a series of combustion chambers to power a rocket into space <music>. This was more than twenty years before robert goddard's famous rock experiments in america and before von braun's owns mentor the german scientist turnovers published all of his theories so coffees breakthroughs didn't get attention outside the soviet union but inside the country he became pretty famous and he inspired a lot of young russian men like sander and then by association korolyov to get interested in space so fast but that doesn't mean it got tons of funding. They were upgraded to operating out of a freezing colin seller in moscow still still sandrine coralie of must have been ecstatic. Here was a chance to spend their lives working on the dream of flight when the opportunity permitted itself to build a rocket. They're willing mostly to agree to do that partly because they're patriotic but more than that they want a bill the rockets because all these people are sorta jazz by the idea of getting off this planet the military purpose. They recognized in the back of their mind. Yes you can use this for other purposes but that was not their primary focus for much of the nineteen thirties they worked on developing rocket technology for the red army so things like jet engines that could power planes beyond just the use of propellers but it didn't work workout as they had dreamed the conditions had been hard. The accomplishments hadn't been big yet and sander in particular had completely worn himself down down. He was so poor that korea would secretly buy him lunch and he was so sick that corollary of finally took some money out of the groups funding to send sander offer treatment by the sea but while there he died of typhus supposedly the last letter that sanders sent to korolyov they have ended with these words forward comrades and only forward raised the rockets higher and higher closer to the stars ours but they just couldn't while germany was now revving up its investment in rockets the soviet the union suddenly ground its efforts to a halt stalin lynn zinoviev and common you have forced trotsky into exile then stalin overrules is to associates and ends the new economic policy from nineteen thirty thirty six through nineteen thirty about seven hundred and fifty thousand people were executed in the soviet union under stalin colin though the numbers were so big that there's still no decisive count in some provinces as much as four percent of the population vanishes this was called called the great terror at first stolen targeted members of his political opposition but then his paranoia <hes> really exploded and he started ordering mass executions of anyone who might be an enemy of the state well over half of the top communist leadership and thousands of lesser officials vanish as do most of the army officers. One of his biggest concerns was the red army stolen became convinced that his own military leaders were out to get him so tons of them were executed then since korolyov's rocketry group was getting its funding and support through the army stalin's eventually turned their way it didn't trust what they were doing and where their allegiances lie hurley of wasn't the head of the program at the time but he had a prominent position one by one his colleagues disappeared they would be arrested at night in their homes. Uh-huh then in many cases they would be taken to an execution site and shot by the secret. Police korolyov's tosses disappeared. His friends disappeared his close colleague and peer valentine glasgow disappeared heard at the end of march. Call of glasgow were friends and rivals they had similar dreams of space. Similar childhoods turns growing up in the ukraine they had similar roles in the rocket laboratory but glue sco had thrown korolyov under the bus while he was trying to save himself during an interrogation with the secret police curly of new that and he also knew that once glue louche geico was gone he was going to be next. It was only a matter of time just a couple couple months later on june evening. In nineteen thirty korolyov walked home through the streets of moscow at twilight he had stayed late working on rocket projects despite the fear and emptiness at the institute as he wound his way through the dark streets he might have thought of his daughter natalia who was three years old and was staying with her grandmother that that night he picked up of the get an a newspaper then he joined his wife for dinner in their tiny studio apartment not far from the bend in the moskva river. She told him she had noticed two strangers <music> outside during the time of the great terror in the soviet union that was like seeing the grim reaper. They made dinner dinner. They eat together lingered a.

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