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Sunny, breezy 77 Today Still windy tonight with partly cloudy low of 50 by the lake 44 out west cloudy tomorrow rain likely late the day a high of 52 We start Friday with showers, then a cloudy hive only 50. Saturday and Sunday. Most sunny Saturday up to 64 Sunday 70 Cooler both days Lakeside Memorial Day Monday looks to be cloudy with a high of 72 Walkinshaw 68 Milwaukee 68 Wtmj. And Ft's otherwise known as non fungible tokens. They've taken headlines by storm in the last year. But for those looking to dip their toes into the digital market, getting involved in be overwhelming. Wtmj is Tony Bedrock, takes a look into what you need to know if you're thinking about making that leap. You've probably seen the outrageous price tags when it comes to FT sales in recent months. Final sale Price $69.3 million That's more than most Picasso's Monet Zehr. Warhol's for a digital token number, like that is an exception. But what about the more average collector? Intrigued about the digital asset may be looking to get involved, but not willing to break the bank Do some reading gone open Sea Daddio? That's one of the leading marketplaces of crypto collectibles. I have some great Try and understand the landscape. What the heck, These things are even Gabby. It's has been involved in the N F T space since 2019 and is the founder of a startup called Cipher, which says the most marketplaces. He'll want to brush up on your familiarity with the crypto currency market. Most platforms are just crypto native specific. However, the biggest market place we were enough by volume is Nifty gay way, which does accept credit cards that really makes it accessible for a lot of folks. And then they sort of custody. Those lefties technically for you and a wallet. There's two sides to each lft transaction. Maybe you're looking to experiment with your own creation. Digital artists or creators for the first time are finding out they can cash in on their work. If there's a market Internet creators have never really had that era. They kind of just.

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