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Is a a nine seven the answer. seventy six degrees what's going on we have the answer three people are injured after a fire at a time square building the fire was reported just fifty seven thirty. forty five west forty fifth street. John went to says smoke chapel twenty I will say this or a Chinese couple come out today. going out to that room and there was screaming and then they just everyone around the fight was in the bands of all Lebanese aboard restaurant on the ground floor the FDNY says two of three people hurt declined medical attention and the third was taken to a hospital for breathing problems one man is under arrest following a fatal stabbing in Brooklyn on Sunday night police say that a thirty six year old man was found unconscious and unresponsive inside in ocean Avenue building in mid would just after five PM cops say the victim suffered a stab wound to the chest that was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a forty year old man was taken into custody and a knife was recovered at the scene in sports giants just narrowly beat Tampa Bay thirty to thirty one jets fell to New England Patriots sat score was thirty to fourteen Yankees beat the blue jays eight three and the Mets won also six three over Cincinnati looks like your delays at the George Washington bridge of east in and out on both your upper and lower levels looks like it's a good ride what's units town hall in river drive is moving south bound from Fifth Avenue down towards the Willis Avenue bridge we do have two accidents over the box one of the deacons seven of the cross sponson is another crash on the White still bridge at the tolls and that would be on the bank side but two lanes are blocked traffic is stopped from the heights this also affects two lanes on the queen's downside weather for tonight clear low seventy degrees and then tomorrow mostly sunny high near eighty two may you know what's going on I may be Salerno unnamed nine seventy the answer.

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