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Else so we're we're not looking to get into time shares but you have you heard anything about Steve Martin Chris my wife had his research analyst and she does a lot of research and she's trying to tell me that why go back Martin and we usually go as a family I don't remember yeah and and we recruit for the last couple of years I think your wife is right I mean who knows who knows what's going on with this hurricane season will hold we're we're just at the beginning of it and as we saw Dorian flattened much of not much of the Bahamas but some of the Bahamas on from what I know I St Martin experienced three billion dollars worth of damage but a lot of it is back now and I think it's it's a good place to go again yes Jason yeah I think in the case of St Martin bank most of the people there make their money in two hours and so their first priority was to get the infrastructure rebuilt which they did very quickly about an airport road the next step then was private businesses and there was a little bit of a backlog for a while on construction as you would imagine the permitting and all that stuff takes time but a lot of that has been pushed through will now find it much smaller business and businesses are stark still waiting but the larger ones like resorts are back online or improved but it's certainly a case by case basis if you want to check a specific resort or hotel but in general I would go to the island yeah especially because you have such a deep affinity for it you probably know people there you probably want to support the people of Saint Martin I think you you have a great vacation if you went back to Iraq what about restaurant yeah it's it's a mix especially the ones in the resorts there no one is complaining about not being lied to Saint Martin on vacation but your favorite little mom and pop might not be open yet but most of the restaurants are back online or knew when to come online they're not having a problem feeding people they're there for the tourists to come so I wouldn't worry about that and I would add one more thing is we've had a hurricane hit this week in the Bahamas switcher you know quite a distance and from St Martin but on the the. the biggest problem that they're facing the Bahamas now on the islands that were so heavily it is now people are afraid to go and tourism is at risk on the islands where there are giant empty resorts that were relatively untouched and I'm talking specifically about the resorts around Nassau and paradise island which is where it lands is is in the one and only resort so the people Bahamas the prime minister they put out calls to say don't forget us we still want your vacation dollar dollars come on in tourists it's really around report you need to worry right now the most that was the hardest hit but a you know Atlantis is up and running in fact Jose on dress I used to call me a sap and I would just come up with service is using that hotel to make meals for people to send them off to another island to help out so things are in good shape in other parts of almonds and they still depend on a write off all the all of the Bahamas as Jeff Jason said Nassau and paradise island they are open for business and untouched you'll have a great time up there cleaned up some leaves and stuff like that but it's not devastated the way the way the the gas let's get mark from Long Branch New Jersey online before we go to our next break mark sorry about the wait nice to speak with you I'd like to speak to you I love you so thanks. I agree with that you didn't mention the Jersey Shore at the end of all the places about I live like one hour from Newark airport about an hour and ten minutes to New York City by train and they just put palm trees up here for the summertime every it except these Babri at looks like learning here at the Jersey Shore mom brands and said that now the some place hotel booked solid for the whole summer well you can't even get room vocal November so integrated place to go for a long weekend huh and that's the only I did three hotel than that they they built a new hotel called the weight six hundred dollars a night hotel rooms and like books solid it's a great we should be building hotels on the Jersey Shore. solid six hundred dollars. I have been out that that they got I don't have to eight right right. great a great ad addition to the discussion thank you so much for calling mark if anybody else would like to call us once again the numbers eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two we have to take a break before we go.

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