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Men running for a long time. But just because I dropped just because I drop K A D N LeBron's lap, all of a sudden they going to championship, and they go unseat Golden State in Terai, just let's just throw this in their playoffs. Man, the fact of the matter is somebody's gonna win a championship in the next few days. It's going to be Toronto or Golden State, Golden State for all intents and purposes is going to win this championship without Kevin Durant. Okay. They he played a handful of minutes, and they got through the three most difficult rounds without him right there beat Houston, they'd be Portland. They might be Toronto without him that's going to happen. So they're coming back with more or less. The same group of guys, they're the defending champions without Kevin Durant. So they still have to go through that. And I understand what you're saying about that. Let's say it goes the other way they Toronto Winston I Toronto will be the defending champions coli Leonard is on the very short list of best player in the league, you figure that maybe they make a small tweak here or there, but it's still going to run through the defending champs. I know it's on the other half of the draw. But these aren't it's not like it's just wide open, all of a sudden, because Kevin. Has gone. The champion is still can either be in one of those two spots, and those teams are going to be virtually the same. Yeah. Inevitability factor is gone. When you put K D with a sick nine win seventy win teen. That's the cheek code. Right. Is like on that you not doing anything with that when now he's removed and you have a banged up team because remember Andrea dollar has been hurt on and off for the better part of two seasons. Now, he's at that point, Shaun Livingston is at that point, these are two veterans that have helped Mckee moments during this five season run when chips. So they're getting older. When you look at what's going on with Draymond green and his advanced age member. He played for season, Michigan state, and he's been in five straight finals. He's going to be also six technicals. Can you imagine if he gets teed up? Tonight's play game seven. He's not that I don't think he's that dumb either. But I do think he's potentially that emotional. No always very Cal. Let me ask you this question. What if he goes up to dunk is somebody pushes him in the back it, then he gets a double technical, because he retaliates for pushing them in the back or what if what if somebody goes around the edge of the baseline and sticks their leg out and trips him. And he gets up and he shoves because he realizes that they almost hurt him because is motions is running. And he gets at seven filed that's all Draymond is smart basketball player. And I think he's a smart guy, but he is a really super emotional player. And in those moments, like we talked about with a car Lowry when he when he fell into the stands Kyle Lowry is one of those guys is going to take a half a beat to figure out what's going on during one's going to go is going to react if somebody gets him, right? Hillary act. I don't know. He reminds me of a lot more like Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman acts crazy, but he's just aware enough to know. What he's doing. L Z secretly doing a morning show on some other radio station..

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