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The lineup that's it there oughta there even the ones that are doing well so i think the difference the difference in and you saw the red sox and yankees play this week and all right yankees took the series two games to one but it was pretty much even the red sox may have an edge on starting pitching i'll give you that but the yankees bullpen is better than the red sox bullpen compla off time that's when it'll count expertise other guys i mean that's the severino you can't rely on them and as far as hicks does i don't see the yankees why they love this guy so much from the right side you can't get a hit so forget about that and the guy's not a great hitter why is why is he always in the lineup you've banning sanchez i mean i wouldn't get sanchez affect all the kids if my life depended on it but that guy behind epa texting insurance i mean why heck's why is this guy so important you are down on a team that has what the second best record in baseball it's you know we're getting back into that yankee fan syndrome of everything has to be perfect and this is baseball it's not that way the astros are darn good the red sox are darn good cleveland i think he's going to show themselves to be better as the season goes on and the yankees are going to have the same row that they had last year where they're going to have to make it happen in the postseason but starting pitching would you like great it'd be better blazing fastball anymore but he gets guys out and tanaka yeah tanaka will have is blips he'll is games where you know his location isn't good and that sinking fastball isn't sinking the way it should but he was solid last year in the playoffs would would have liked to have another starting pitcher know what team wouldn't let's go to mike in east rockaway you're on the fan mike rich fame i always make any point to to gain when you're on the average will get copy of punch list and read i'm sure which yankee fan i'm a longtime metropolitan like that brooklyn dodger bench rest assault people have to understand we're approaching one quarter of.

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