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And guess sick you will cede lyons in a large corral waiting to be hunted by cowardly men who come there and pay a fee just to shoot them the raised to be killed like a sheep what are you say about being like this how can you still back a trump administration that would reverse a ban on the importation of elephants bfi's how is there no point at which you will find these say enough is enough so i wonder what a trump trade what did trump trade in china to let this happen because most of the ivory goes to china you see that such an advanced civilization in china that they need to show ivory tower on their antall's than just such an advanced civilization i love all of the liberal americans who somehow think that all countries on earth as get it than we are but in chinese see they love to beat the ivory to show how rich they are i understand some trade deals with done with china i suppose one of the tradeoffs was go ahead you can import the ivory and we'll let the cowardly impotent men who hunt these animals uh who have no chance whatsoever go and killed him everyone money and it's all about money that's all that matters the almighty dollar one hunter who refused to be named is seeing shooting a crocodile it should be an easy target but the hunt cannot managed a clean kill it has dragged to the bank and waits for death the hunter than shouts let me put might be down before firing a bullet into its brain a closerange oh yes i mfe cries i'm done for today it's party time boys the hunter still wants to kill us aren't hogg abab boom and a bush pig before he leaves and finds time to share a creepy kiss with his girlfriend while posing decided that wildebeest it is all legal with one hundred fifty farms in south africa holding permits the breed lyon trophy hunting breed lions for trophy hunting breed lions for trophy hunting that allows hunters to select.

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