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Today on happy say confused sean penn on his debut novel giving up acting just being sean fucking goes hey everybody i'm josh horowitz welcome to another edition of happy sad confused i'm sorry for the profanity right off the bat but sean penn guys sean effing penn flying solo for the podcast intro today sammy's otherwise occupied sad to say because i need someone to talk to about this i sean penn just left my office we had a wildly chat i was nervous about this one last time i was this nervous was was jane fonda movie tomlin and you know similar to those two you know i cons and they are i cons sean penn is an icon and needed intimidating dude i've never spoken to him before we cover a lot of this conversation his new book is called bob honey who just do stuff at as outright now it's a quick read it's a fun bizarre read it almost a fis description it's it's a novel about a septic tank salesman slash assassin it deals with very topical issues touches a little bit on meet to and are crazy commander in chief perhaps and and it's out there it's like sean penn i think you're going to other love this thing or it's just not going to be for you but if you do want to sit and in luxury it's in in sean penn's brain for a few hours this is the best way to do it besides listening to this podcast of course it's the go out and buy bob honey who just do stuff sean is very passionate about this new project and we talk about that and what why he is focusing on writing right now and of course we talk about where he is in his acting career and if you may have heard that he is talking very seriously about giving up acting he's talked about this in the past to be fair and maybe this won't last forever but he is serious about kind of falling out of love with acting and he details the reasons why in this conversation but just because he's non love with with acting and film doesn't mean i couldn't let this go by and not talk about some of his genius work as an actor and we cover.

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