Washington, NBC, U. S Capitol Police discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Call to 012257130 to schedule a virtual or on site appointment. Look at this. Look at this inauguration rehearsals shut down by external threat. NBC, Washington Staff and Associated Press What took the NBC News, Bernie AP combined to report this Dress rehearsal for the inauguration of Joe Plugs. Buyten was interrupted today when U. S Capitol Police issued a security warning to everyone on Capitol grounds. The message said all buildings within the Capitol complex external security threat. No entry or exit is permitted. Stay away from exterior windows and doors. If outside seek cover. Rehearsal. Participants were evacuated from the West Front of the Capitol on orders of security officials after a fire In our homeless in Cannes, A fire in a homeless encampment can affect the inauguration of Joe Biden or any president of fire in a homeless encampment. You know when you boil this all down? The reason the deep state the reason the establishment Is putting more military in Washington for this inauguration we have in war zones. You understand this? We have a greater military presence. Then we haven't a lot of war zones where were deployed around the world. The reason they're building walls. Rival what Trump built on the southern border. The reason the media Arjun ng up scary stories like this of white supremacists ready to make trouble. They are conveniently forgetting what the left did to Washington in 2017, which I just recanted or or reminded you of The reason this is going to be a virtual inauguration with no people allow the reason for the constant security warnings. By the way, seemed to be withdrawn is quickly is there issued? Why do you think all this is happening? Why are they putting more military in Washington for this inauguration? We haven't war zones. Why are they building walls? Why are they Jim Ng up all these scary stories of White supremacist ready to make trouble. They're worried about something. They need to distract you and me and as many as they can. From what worries them. What worries them. Could it be? They know the election was not open up. But they know that people are right to be mad about something. This is not necessary,.

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