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Channel's Shane and bringing sharing inspirational stories, personal anecdotes and an insider's perspective on actions and ruling from the high Court E lessee. The seas that has left open now by Justice Ginsburg enjoyed friendships with uncommon bestsellers. People like Justice Scalia recognized Ed at the end of the day, They served an institution and they did so with dignity. And on our subscribe and listen now by going to Fox News podcasts. PC Mobile news on the level on the go rain on the way I'm wrong. Here's what's trending this hour. The entire state of Indiana will get some rain starting Wednesday night, thanks to Tropical Storm Zeta and the bulk of it will fall in the southern part of the state. I'm John Herrick, especially in cities in town south of Bloomington out of there, get upwards of three presents. Right now for respecting meteorologist Aaron Updike, with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, says cities and towns north of there, we'll get a little bit less than that, but still get enough to eat some of the drought conditions. After a day of widespread rain Thursday, things would clear out by Friday. John Herrick, 93 WNBC Mobile News. Halloween could be a great time, but it might not be so much fun for your pets. Thomas Doc with Noah's Animal Hospital tells which TV Chocolate is a favorite among humans. But not among dogs. Chocolate is very toxic for our dogs any time that your pet in just any kind of chocolate call your veterinarian called the local emergency hospital today. Hey, is there something that I need.

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