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No doubt about it. We saw we saw other teams pitch very use audio every night. You know pitch very carefully around goldschmidt. Because there wasn't anybody like him in the wrestler. I've got around poco schmit. You probably won't get through the cardinals offense. Okay that's going to change and you know it's an you know. They don't necessarily need his defense at first base when when they're not playing but still you know i think those two on the corners of the infield are to be a delight and i think they're gonna make each other better and the cardinals better on top of it absolutely I want to get into a couple of the prospects that they gave up. You mentioned monteiro. We talked about gombar. What about low see gill and summers those. Three one or two right handed pitchers in the other one gillis shortstop what are they giving up their some rounder they. They drafted and put them in johnson city. Which is a a low level league for college player. Immediate fine for yara not not really not really prospect. He's throwing guy Benji benji gil was a major league shortstop for a long time mostly with texas rangers and You know he's a material kill coastal baseball family guy. Carlos got into third round back in two thousand eighteen and he also played johnson city but he was only like eighteen the time so last year. He's nineteen now he's twenty so he was a guy that we would have expected to see probably at class a palm beach. Start the year and you know. He has some definite potential. He's not as good defensively as dublin peres but he has a better bat. So you know he's the guy that you know. What if you could could reach the major leagues nba contributor The other plan trade. Tony locie was another third. Rounder i guess iraqis decided they the carnage third rounders. And he's he's big. he's a big on guy. Fastball slider guy. he only played a partial season. Came to the university of georgia only played a partial season. But he struck out twenty eight and fifteen innings and so he's a guy that his third pitches a little bit questionable but if they decide to make him a reliever he could get fast track to the majors. And i think when all said and done done tone those he might be the best player over the long haul in this entire trade. We'll see i'm really really fascinated because we. I think we all agree that we think the eventually whether it's this year or next year whatever the case may be the coming so there is a pathway to the big leagues for nolan gorman. But now he's blocked by are not. Oh he's blocked over on the other side by goldschmidt. Where where else do you think that that nolan could play. And and do you think they start asking them to switch a position going into spring training. Yeah i think. I still think we'll see the d. h. this year. I think you know as we've talked about probably nauseam in these talked you know the d. h. was rolled up in so any other decisions that it didn't get done but if they decide as break things out and that's one that everybody wants to do and you know they should for the betterment of the players for the game figure it out for this.

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