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User experience above anything are they got great support team email them with any questions you have and they just finished a one bitcoin giveaway so that could have been you <hes> if you downloaded it before september. I i think the dates august twenty four th september first one lucky winner so if you're out there and you're listening and you were that listener. Please get into contact with us. We'd love to bring on this show ba. Let's jump back to what we were just talking about. I think what we're talking about. Here is extremely pertinent to the conversation that was revolving around the bitcoin and bitcoin cash fork exactly in part i mean it was largely because that some some of the guys wanted a bigger blocks and which would result in more centralisation of the network and the reason why that requires more centralisation of the network or i should say the reason why it affects wchs or causes more centralisation the network is because <hes> these blocks require more storage and a normal guy like me and pizza mind would actually be able to you you have you know gigabyte blocks it would just be we would need to use a data center and be too prohibitive. Is that correct yes so <hes> it definitely state storage rich so in bitcoin storage basically utech so set right so the the faster the block time or bigger blocks. You tend to have more transactions than potentially more or you texaco's created that definitely will create more demand. I'll stay storage but also ben with as well right so when you have bigger blogs that means just more data has to be transmitted <hes> with the same amount of time so it would demand higher throughput or bandwidth requirements so then you know it will be increasingly difficult for somebody you know <hes> <hes> just staying at home have a home computer to be able to catch up with all of that. <hes> i think for bitcoin is less of the at least current right now. It's less of a problem but for for example you already see this happening. It's just a less your professional in the running nose on a claw machine with very high specs abused and especially early access the hard drives it just impossible almost impossible to <hes> to run a note at home in a home environment and <hes> and be able to sort of validate the blocked from genesis. <hes> you know you just can't catch up right so you become slower and slower than take more and more or disc space in the progression of evaluated from genesis or would just be always be slower within the current. Were the head is for temple. Yes so could we dive into a little bit of what makes good crypto economics and now you said you were. We're doing some research in that. In kind of the idea here is we wanna know what makes token actually accrue value. Yes uh show that's yeah. That's something we put a lot of time to to research so let's again. You'd something simpler like bitcoin. <hes> the reason that bitcoin has value is basically people believe that the network secure over time in then <hes> that the network can protect their their bitcoin over time and then that's the reason people are willing to treat coins as money or.

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