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Billion dollars of military funding over ten years and allocating it to medicare medicare for all instead and she supported efforts to stop. US support for Saudi Arabia's scorched earth bombing Yemen but she also has a hawkish side aside. Elizabeth Warren has supported sanctions against Venezuela the attempted coup against President Nicolas Maduro. She's championed the self declared president of Venezuela Wando when it comes to Israel. Warren has a record of reciting standard pro Israel hawkish talking points. Though there are some signs that our position has been shifting. She also has this idea about investing more money into making military bases zero carbon and better for the environment without mentioning the notion of actually shutting these basis down for the good of the planet sort of let's tinker with imperialism a bit to make it more green anyway last week on the show. We looked at the records of both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as it relates to twenty nine straight years of the US bombing Iraq. And today we're GONNA take a look at Elizabeth Warren's foreign policy record who some of her advisers are I'm joined now by Sarah Lazar. She's a writer for in these times. Magazine and her work has also recently appeared in Jakobsen and the intercept. She Co edited the Book About Face Military Resistors turn against war. Four Sarah Lazar welcomed intercepted. Thanks so much for having me on. We Discuss Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden last week and their Iraq war history. What Differentiates Associates Elizabeth Warren from Bernie Sanders on foreign policy? Today's Democratic Party is really skewed so far to the right on more on military them in that. It doesn't take much to distinguish yourself from the pack. But I would argue that unfortunately Elizabeth. Warren really does not meet this low bar. Most you certainly not the worse. She is far from the best. And there's really no reason to think she'd be very different from an Obama administration no reason to think that she would veer very far wild. Warren has voted for military de-escalation on some issues including the war in Yemen. For example she hadn't in any way been a leader and she has gone along with some of the most belligerent. Acts that have really occurred on her. Watch she cheerlead ID. Israel's Devastating Twenty Fourteen Warren Gotha the visual.

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