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Today, morning, July 27th, where the time now is two 28 welcome in. Probably good weather all the 8s and what it breaks sober to rich under in the WTO traffic center. All right, traveling in Maryland, good start, 95, and vulnerable Washington park we had south toward the capitol bell but they are working on the belly on the atelier route one college park still getting by two lanes left but as of late, you get by without lay a rest of the beltway in Maryland from Montgomery and prince George's counties, no other incidents or delays, still looking good so far to 70 south from Frederick down to the bell bay, folks headed to are coming back from their travels at the eastern shore, no worries that the bay bridge this morning no work soon as you got three lanes west found two lanes eastbound and no delay reported neither direction as a matter of fact, rest your trip on westbound 50s for napolis Bowie headed toward the belly and lanham and continuing through Chevrolet headed toward the district line good start there as well. As you get on to New York avenue, no problems to report so far leaving the Baltimore Washington Parkway headed through northeast toward the third street tunnel beyond the northwest nothing in your way so far. D.C. two 95 south I two 95 north without early issue and both suitland park band south capital street incident delay free, freeway both three 95 and 6 95 between the Potomac and anacostia river bridge crossings, no early incidents in your way, third street tunnel looks good between New York avenue and the freeway as well. Rich hunter W two of your traffic. We saw a little bit of a break from the heat on our Tuesday with temperatures in the 70s. Most of the day, but yeah, that's not going to last. The heat and humidity return. We're going to be tracking a couple of

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