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Allow for those receivers v run an open and the two young guys there are playing extremely well receiver uh for for the jaguars more did and failed tom savage basically yesterday the nfl listed that it's the f l p and f l who have they have this system in place look at this the referee sees tom savage he does the right thing he says okay we gotta get this guy off the field referee does his job then it the eight t they have a spotter up in the booth who has access to the same video we saw on tv pcs that he he has to notify the niro trauma specialists the independent no thomas vessels switches on these sidelined they're not on one side then the gotta run across and they had the same video that this supposed to look at on the sideline before they take him into its tent and it and it if they look at that video there's no possible way you would even take him in the tent you to say we are going to the locker room so the so the system failed it but it's a system you can't get any better the right now with the with all the policies they have in place are absolutely on the mark if the failure of humans and doctors and y narrow trauma specialist who failed it and so if you wanna put that under the brand of the nfl at an nfl players association you know so be it but it's really to be the doctors of the medical people on the field fell but did not pass the tests yesterday chris more to join us hero kisha georgian ills more why do we talked about this every single year as if they get it right we hire new guys upstairs we hire independent its or sidelining we got another person in the locker room we got the.

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