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Tuesday to podcast one shenanigans we've seen a shade from vander pump rules i'm very happy in vegas and i know i say i'm happy i'm happy i always say don't even believe me anymore but you're like you're like the girl who cried happy that avoid avoid cry christ to hear more shenanigans with shinhan shade subscribe exclusively on apple podcasts podcast one dot com and the new podcast one out don't forget to rate review and leave a five star rating this is the eddie trunk podcast welcome back to the eddie trunk podcast robin zander of cheap trick drop by my sirius xm volume show robin at the time was getting ready to perform in rock topa a show on broadway that he since did of course robin zander and cheap trick currently out on tour opening up for poison saw them recently at rockwell homa they sounded great as always robin always looks and sounds amazing so talented so great at what he is able to do still at this point in his career as is cheap trick top to bottom let's get to it right now robin zander of cheap trick interview number two on the trunk podcast good to see him i friend good to see you again to eddie did you make a deal with the devil is that how you doing that was a buddha khan right after the show we bonded you did yes and what would you have to give what did you have to give the devil to have a turnley eternal youth robin hey i i'm gonna find out when i die.

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