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Is called out sick. And then posted pictures from the club on Instagram in the middle of the day on Wednesday. Taxed and she told us her name. But I don't wanna say I want to keep her anonymous. She said I'm leaving work early today to go to a quote, prenatal appointment, he appointment is actually a mom's club mother's day pampering event. Today. Let us know she's lying to work. Keeping our anonymous Rosetta when did you bust a co worker for fake and a sick day? The manager at a movie theater for using a while back, and we had a specific no calling out policy for opening weekend of movies, especially big movie like Harry Potter. Okay. And I was either Harry Potter let friends or the order of the Phoenix. And sure enough we had employees call out and he has Sunday couple of weeks Facebook. So I happen to see the pictures of him at a concert with a girl. We already had two strikes. So we had to him. Man. Oh, man. Well, maybe he got a girl for out of it. Because it was an interesting conversation. The next time you showed up the office fire, by the way, headed feel when he said to you. Yeah. I are how did you feel when you said I caught you on face because all the pictures. What did he say? That wasn't me. That looked like him and Facebook. Hey, look my gang. Yes. That was interesting. I'll never understand the the thing where you're friends with your boss on Facebook. And then you get caught on Facebook doing how can you not be smarter than that? Right. When we were same level employees moded about that. And I did. My order of business clean, muggy fired that mug. Thank you. Rosetta take care. Hey sarabeth. Good morning. How are you? Wonderful in love you go by two names. I love the sound of that Sarah Beth. After I lost therapists have brunch place. It's so good. Exactly. Yeah. They're they're known for their jam. I believe it's delicious. There something pick that. My favorite brunch. And my mom not your name for me. And though they landed on that. But I don't have a middle because that was hard enough. Okay. What was your story? What happened? Out sick with a client holding. I couldn't make our session and went to the fair instead 'cause I founded like it would be really fun and then turned around in the carnival the fun area. And he was there. You ran into China at the fair. Yeah. A funhouse in the fun. Well, at least with all those mirrors or something. Maybe you couldn't find each other. And could you get away easier? Luckily, I was on the second story. So I made a really quick getaway. Josh. Oh, he took that opportunity to go and do something fun. So it wasn't like his day was wasted over. Bonding with his kids. His therapist lied to him. Also yet. Here's what's coming up. In Hollywood headline Kim Kardashian has new TV show on the way not on E and completely unrelated to keeping up with the Kardashians..

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