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Okay, You still gotta face three batters guy, turn around and go get him next Battery 1007001st. That's all right. Then Tony camp. It's a double to right center. For me, it would have been a short leash. That's when you go get him. Time run is now at the plate, and you saw what happened yesterday when he was not mentally in and enough to make sure he could get the get the outs that were necessary. So Tony Kemp doubles Then he leaves him in Matt Chapman. This one looks better than it did. It actually went down that Chapman lines out to write and Tony can't moves to third, except that he actually hit Max Chapman. The ball hit the bottom of the knob on the bat. It was a freak thing. He did not have the control. He will sit two batters in back to back ninth innings that put the tying run at the plate. Then he walks mad, Olsen. So what's Madison's walked? Ah, is that when you go get him? Are you gonna let him face Mark Anna as the go ahead run at the plate. The answer is yes. The answer is that Gabe Kapler sauce. Alex do tricks and make the air and right field in Colorado instead. After the game, I would do it again. It was the right move, and he did it again. And then he saw Trevor God melt out on Friday night. Hey, was passed his three batter minimum. The go ahead. Run was at the plate and he looked around. He said I would let him face Mark Canha, too. By the way, my question is Why did he face Matt Olsen? Wilson's a lefty. If we're playing the numbers here. And battles and by the way at the time that he came up there. His last six hits had been home runs. Nelson was like was like was like 12 hits on the year. And, like, seven of them are home runs or something stupid like that that Olson is on a terror but you let him face the right handed hitter and again. He didn't do anything except block. Why didn't you bring in the lefty to face medals? And if you do you can in the ballgame right there. You get two hours of right there. I'm looking for you to get out of the inning. Right there instead of mark and it comes up Toni Kempson Barreto's on for Olson. It's a three run shot 7 to 6. A's taking down. This was awful. And then yesterday and again. I know yesterday gotta hand it got on a hand because nobody did anything that got in her hand because Gabe Kapler didn't put his team in a position to be able to stop the bleeding within a ball game. And you can say Juan de Peralta just didn't have it. Logan Web starts the fifth inning. It's 2 to 2. He walks the leadoff guy. Then he gets sent me in a line out. OK, then they bring up Chad Pinder for for Tony Camp. That's all fun, but he decides he's going to go toe. Wandy Peralta Peralta, who has not been very good for the Giants whatsoever. First batter Chad Pinder homerun. Okay, fine. First of all, how many home runs your bullpen gonna give up? That's that's maybe on far on, but he's going to run, guys. You're not tapping guys in situations where they are finding success. Logan Web didn't have it yesterday, either. But right after championed ER match Chapman singles, Olson reaches on a bunt single third Isn't that where you go get him. Then he's faced his three batters. He clearly doesn't have it. He gave up the home run. Here comes Mark Anna, by the way, right handed March. Anna. Let's let the lefty wanted Peralta facing. There's a triple the Deep center Now you're 62. By your 62 instead of stopping the bleeding there instead of going to get him after he's faced four guys and you let the lefty face the right and he hits the ball in the gap, and he takes the lead 62. Let's leave him out there for one more hitter against the switch guy. And what happened then? He walked him walks. Robbie Grossman. Here comes Derek Rodriguez. Then you bring in the righty he faces Chris Davis we gets then Piscotty hits the home run. Now it's nine to now you're done. Now it's over. You're in the fifth inning. Now you're done. You've not stopped the bleeding. You have not helped you guys out. You've got these young arms you're supposed to be protecting and figuring out what's happening with them will go pluck Kevin Gausman fromthe seventh inning, but I'm gonna leave wanted Peralta out there to face Mark Anna, who is tearing the cover off the baseball Right now, This's embarrassing. This is really, really bad, and I don't think that they're managing the players. Correctly. I think they're managing the numbers, and I think that's why he's tenure did not work out in Philadelphia. We're going to continue to discuss this because this is a major problem. Right now it is and you can say Well, it's not an issue because this was a test season. I don't think they're doing a good job with. So how many of these bullpen guys do you anticipate our part of the future of this team? Because I don't think you're think you're preparing these guys well at all 23 home runs a lot by the Giantsbullpen in 21 ball games, leads all of Major League baseball. Lots of text coming in lots of people calling in this morning If you've got thoughts will get to him. Long weekend Giants baseball, a brutal one to get through yesterday 15 to 3. I played a round of golf. I get off the Lynx yesterday and I flip on the game and I got Tyler hide and hope they're flipping up pitches. Hey, Best thing about Heidemann. If he's on the mound, he can't commit a catcher's interfered more coming up. We're talking more Gabe Kapler, and we'll get some reaction from him after yesterday's game. He's gotta answer for some of this stuff. What are you going to do to stop this bleeding? Are things going to get really, really out of hand? But are we just supposed to say Well, it's 2020. It's a rebuild. It shouldn't matter. It still matters to me. We'll get some work. 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