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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly on Capitol Hill this morning the house Judiciary Committee holds its second impeachment hearing NPR's Claudia Christology says it will lay the groundwork for articles of impeachment against president trump for his dealings with Ukraine the Judiciary Committee will lay out its framework for potential impeachment of president trump followed by evidence presented by the house intelligence committee the articles of impeachment could be drawn up later this week followed by a floor vote next week judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler said on CNN Sunday that if this was a traditional court trial the president would be convicted quickly I think the case we have is presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat Republicans on the Judiciary an intelligence panels are hoping to knock down that narrative with their presentations today cloudy salicin peer news Washington also today the justice department's inspector general Michael Horowitz releases his findings about the origins of the FBI's investigation into president trump and Russia it's separate from the investigation being led by U. S. attorney John Durham the FBI says last week's deadly shooting at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida is being investigated as an act of terrorism the gunman was a second lieutenant in the royal Saudi Air Force who was receiving flight training in the US he killed three sailors before being shot to death by a sheriff's deputy this is NPR news from Washington a top north Korean official is refuting president trump's assertion on Twitter that Pyongyang will not become hostile to the U. S. and P. R.'s entity kun is in Seoul we have nothing to lose shop back Kim yung chol the former negotiator and spymaster in a statement carried by state media Kim called trumpet he listen a radical man and warned that North Korea might have to redeploy the epithet doctored to describe him the dueling comments came two days after North Korea revive testing at a satellite launch site which analysts fear could be a prelude to renewed long range missile testing also over the weekend north Korea's ambassador to the U. wind said the denuclearization is off the negotiating table with the US in lengthy talks with Washington are no longer needed Anthony kun NPR news Seoul the world anti doping agency is banning Russia from international sports competitions for four years they include the next summer and Winter Olympic Games NPR's Lucy and Kim has more from Moscow eager Lebedev for Russian lawmaker and head of the national soccer association told state TV the decision was a blow to clean athletes as well as the Russian sports fans he said Russia should appeal water's decision but Lebedev also said Russian officials were partially to blame for not removing outstanding issues with the country's anti doping program hi I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington and on this Monday morning you are listening to Casey are W. on cherry Glazer good to have you here well all gonna new rec popping up as you're headed into Orange County southbound five at valley view that's where an S. U. V. smacked into the center divider left lane is taken away heads up if you make your way through Costa mesa northbound fifty five at the five it's a plastic bin in the left lane there well after that rain over the weekend the pay off coming today going to be sunny and beautifully clear highs in the upper fifties to the mid sixties December is KCRW season of giving back in your tax deductible gift also secures your chance to win KCRW's new year's eve sweepstakes the prize includes a luxury suite for poor the Fairmont hotel as well as a V. I. P. table at the bungalows new year's eve party so support KCRW with a donation of twenty five dollars or more by Tuesday December seventeenth and you'll be automatically entered to win go to KCRW dot com slash joined and thanks support for NPR comes from C. three dot a online see three dot a I software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable business problems learn more at C. three down a LA and from T. I. A. committed to the idea that wall most things in life right now from clean shirts in the morning to a favorite dessert at night lifetime income in retirement should not learn more A. T. I a dot org slash never run out it's five thirty five it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm Rachel Martin good morning the next Olympics are this summer in Tokyo Russia will not be there this morning the world anti doping agency band Russia from global sports for the next four years this is punishment for that country systemic and widespread athlete doping program we've got in here sports correspondent Tom Goldman with us to talk about this decision hi Tom good morning what more can you tell.

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